Eco Committee News – Litter Week

In late October the Eco Committee had litter week and all the classes focused on learning about litter. On Tuesday the school had a litter pick up we collected a variety of different types of litter like crisp wrappers, chocolate wrapper, tin foil, plastic and some weird things in the Woods like a computer game box! On Wednesday we had a no paper day. This was a challenge for the whole school because we had to write on whiteboards, use laptops and find creative ways of doing our work without using any paper!! Thursday the whole school took part in a litter poster competition. There was so many amazing posters. On Friday the classes took part in making models of our own Eco Mascot, Trashy. Through out the week, small groups from the Eco Committee shared fascinating litter facts with all the classes and also the whole school took part in a wrapper-free snack challenge. Here are the results of the wrapper-free snack challenge.

6. Primary 4/5 – 31%
5. Primary 2M – 33%
4. Primary 7 – 44%
3. Primary 3 – 45%
2. Primary 2K – 66%
1. Primary 3/4- 67%

Primary 3/4 and Primary 2K got extra playtime!  Everyone had lots of fun during Litter week and the Eco Committee spent lots of time at our last meeting deciding on the Litter posters that we are going to display around the school!  More information to follow.

By Katie, P6 Eco rep