Science into Schools Textile Recycling

The Eco Committee have signed up to an exciting programme which lets us swap unwanted clothes and textiles for science equipment and resources!

Today Steve and Kenny from EDF Energy’s Wastebusters programme came to deliver an assembly to the whole school.  They reminded us about the importance of the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  They spoke about only buying the clothes we need (reducing); passing clothes onto friends and relatives when we’ve outgrown them or upcycling clothes to make something else (reusing); and finally recycling what’s left.  They showed us a film about what happens at a recycling plant and explained that sometimes our old clothes and textiles can be made into something else and other times clothes can be sent to other parts of the world where they can be used again.

Anyway, now it’s over to all of us!  Every child has been given a bag to take home.  Please fill this bag with any unwanted clothes, bed linen, towels, curtains and paired shoes, sandals, boots or trainers. We can’t accept duvets, pillows, sleeping bags or bric a brac.  Bring the bag into school before 12th February when our textiles will be collected.  Each bag is worth points and the Eco Committee will choose how to redeem these points for Science equipment.

Please support us in our challenge! Thank you.

The Eco Committee

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  1. Thank you Eco Committee for organising this . Learning for Sustainability is really about us all learning to make the world a better place for you now and the future-so the recycle message is a good one. I am already looking out some old clothes and hope we can get science points for them.

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