Primary 1 Outdoor Numeracy

Today Primary 1 took advantage of the sunshine and went outdoors for our numeracy work. We are learning about counting backwards to help us take away. We made number lines from 1-20 using chalk. We started at 20 and jumped down to 1, calling out the numbers with each jump. Then we challenged each other to start and stop at different numbers. We had great fun and learned lots!

4 thoughts on “Primary 1 Outdoor Numeracy

  1. Brilliant job primary 1’s, so glad u where able to get out and learn in a fun way.

  2. That looks like it was really good fun. Hopefully you will get more opportunities for outdoor learning over the next few months.

  3. What a lot you have learned since going into Primary 1. That looks like great fun. Perhaps we could try it at nursery too! You will have got lots of excercise with all that jumping.

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