Wastebusters Science Equipment has arrived!

The Eco Committee would like to say thanks again for supporting our textile recycling challenge. Last Thursday, Mr Gray from EDF energy led the school in an assembly to celebrate our achievement. He told us where our collected clothes and textiles would go (either to be reused, upcycled or recycled) and reminded us to continue to hand our used clothes into a charity shop or to take them to a recycling bank.

We collected 341kg of textiles and this gave us 13,640 points to spend on Science equipment. The Eco Committee looked through the list and decided on four items:
* A pumping heart model;
* A motorised solar system model;
* A pack of 5 high speed flyer technology kit; and
* A pack of 10 junk boat model technology kits.

We are very excited to start using our equipment!




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