Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning
What a wonderful experience P3/4, P4/5, P6 and P7 had over the past few days. We went with our teachers, parent helpers and support staff to do some learning the East Lothian Outdoor Education Centre.
The centre had students from Edinburgh University who were learning how to create different activities for children that would encourage them to actively engage with the outdoors and unlock its learning potential. They succeeded in doing a fantastic job!
The children were split into different groups. One group went on a “Minibeast Hunt”. They learnt all about predators and prey. Another group made some charcoal. I must say the P7 children did a great job of singing to the fire in the hopes that it would light! There was orienteering for another group and children here learnt about all of the different directions and points on a compass. A final group had a den challenge. The children were encouraged to build very sturdy dens from natural materials. These were then tested with water. There were some children who got a bit wet!
In all, it was a great opportunity to get involved with other establishments, learn from each other and embrace the wild outdoors!

Thank you to everyone who supported us with this!

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  1. The kids were buzzing with excitement after this super learning experience. They were, as ever so well behaved and motivated to learn and try new skills. Thank you to everybody . Well done boys and girls.

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