Den Day P1-P7

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Den Day was a great experience for all of the children to create shelters. It helped us all to understand the harsh realities that children from all over the world face daily. We thought especially about the boys and girls in Nepal and their living conditions following the earthquakes there.
The groups for Den Day were made up of children from P1 to P7. We worked with children from our houses. It was great fun to work with children of all different ages. It also helped us to improve our team work skills as we learnt how to negotiate with children of all ages.
Touring the dens was a wonderful opportunity to observe how other children used similar resources in a different way. We were able to go inside some dens and look around. Other dens were too small to accommodate an entire class!
We are very grateful for the opportunity to make dens. Thank you all for your help and participation!

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