P1 Visit Dirleton Castle

Primary 1 had a fantastic trip to Dirleton Castle today. It was so exciting to see a real castle and spot all the things we have been learning about. We saw where a moat and a drawbridge might have been, and identified towers, thin windows for shooting arrows, a dungeon, fire places, a great hall, kitchens, ovens and many more things. We saw that the castle was built on a hill so that the people inside had a good view all around. It was also built on a rock to stop the enemy tunnelling underneath the walls.

We made shields with our own coats of arms and decorated crowns. We pretended to be Kings, Queens & Knights for the day. We also had fun playing some parachute games and in the play park just before we got the bus back to school.

1 thought on “P1 Visit Dirleton Castle

  1. What a fantastic day out, thank-you to P1 for allowing me to join them on their great adventure as Knights galloping through Dirleton Castle.

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