Maths and Numeracy Outdoors!

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Outdoor learning is always fun and this was definitely the case yesterday afternoon when children from P1 to P7 went outside for Maths!
Each teacher ran a station and the children moved around the stations. At the stations, the children learned new things and practised their existing skills. Mrs Hill asked all of the children to draw numberlines. It was great to see the progression in children’s understanding of number as some of the numberlines included negative numbers! Miss Carroll organised a number treasure hunt in the woods. Mrs Dalglish was thinking about time and how to make clocks with our bodies. There were many other activities that helped the children to think about number including Miss Kinsella’s activity that was based on constructing pictures using 20 objects. Ms Henderson had number relays on the field! The children were so fast at this! Miss O’ Regan had a shape activity where the children created different 2D shapes using ropes and chalk. Finally Mrs Clark had a sorting activity outside the nursery.
The children had a wonderful time learning outside. They were all very confident and able to speak about their learning.
We look forward to more outdoor learning and more great Maths and Numeracy fun activities in the near future!

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  1. There is some lovely transient art going on there too! What a lovely way to spend an Autumn day!

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