A Very Busy Week for P7

What a busy week for P7!

If they are not preparing for their Mock Court case next week, they are either at Tesco learning about food technology or at the Risk Factory assessing and managing risk! At Tesco, the children learnt all about where food comes from. They learnt how to read labels, find the price per 100g and how offers work. We also had a tour of the store and even stood in the freezer. It was minus 20 degrees in there!

After gathering the ingredients needed, we made our way to the food preparation area.  We mixed cous cous and vegetables to make a cous cous salad.

We would like to thank Jane for her superb work at Tesco with the Farm to Fork intiative. It really helps us to think about where our food comes from and ethical sourcing of products.

At the Risk Factory, we had another great experience. Without spoling the surprises for others, it is hard to go into detail. All we can say is that the Risk Factory has helped us to understand how everyday scenarios can potentially be very dangerous if we don’t keep ourselves safe.

We hope to update you all on our Mock Court case next week. Meanwhile, we will all be getting a good night’s rest after such a busy few days!IMG_0037IMG_0036IMG_0035

Selfie in the freezer

Selfie in the freezer


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  1. Very enthusiastic feedback from the Risk Factory visit, sounds like it was great fun.

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