P1/2 (and some of P2/3) create Scottish art and poetry

On Friday, we were very lucky to be joined by some of the P2/3 children who helped us with our learning all about Scotland. We used Scots language to create a list poem which we arranged in the shape of a thistle – a bit like a wordle – and then made beautiful thistles to go on the wall beside it.
Our poem goes like this…

a fleein’ Saltire
a laddie in a kilt
a braw bahookie
an awfy sair heid
a wee tartan moose
a bleedin’ neb
a flee in yer tatties
a greetin’ bairn
a toaty wee craw
a sleekit moose
a bonnie lassie
a gigantic wa’
a dug eating haggis
Mammy making shortbread
a moose in a hoose
shoogle yer shooders
a bonnie thistle

We hope you enjoyed it. Here are some pictures of us working hard!

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