Snow Day Tasks

Hi there!

I hope everyone is loving the snow but keeping cosy and staying safe too! P7s, you may wish to have a go at some of the optional tasks below! I have added some snow day tasks to Google Classroom and have emailed them to you too if you’d like to log on to your edubuzz accounts and get busy. Don’t forget about your spelling booklets and homework grids. Also READ READ AND READ SOME MORE for World Book Day.

If you are unable to log on and would like to have a go then here are some of the tasks and ideas:

Snow Day Task 1

Can you create a snow-themed spelling activity? Remember that you are have to build up your 25 spelling points and creating a task of your own is worth 10 points! Could you tweet @Loretto_RC with instructions for your task and encourage other children to give it a go?

Snow Day Task 2

Can you name countries in other parts of the world where it snows? We don’t get snow like this very often at all but other countries have snow for much of the year! Can you create a poster or a fact file all about snowy countries?

• Clear title and at least 3 subheadings
• Places where it snows – country, continent, hemisphere
• Type of climate in the country
• Do children go to school there when it snows?
• What types of animals live there and how do they survive in the cold?
• Some interesting facts about the places!

Snow Day Task 3

Thinking about liquids, solids and gases!
Do some scientific experiments!
• Could you fill up an ice cube tray and time how long it takes to freeze in your freezer versus how long it takes to freeze outside? Check the temperature of the freezer and of the outdoors first and make a prediction about which will be faster!
• Create your own ice feature! Pop some small objects into a tray and cover them with water. Leave the tray out overnight and see if it freezes. How will you release the objects from the ice? Will you melt it in a warm environment? Will you use something to speed up the melting?
• Create an experiment of your own!

Snow Day Task 4

Are you feeling chilly? Log on to Education City and play Arcade Champion. We are working hard on our strategies for ordering numbers in the millions!

Snow Day Task 5

Get imaginative!
Write a Winter Adventure! This could be a story, poem or a play. Use all of the descriptive techniques we have been learning about!
• Imagery
• Adjectives
• Similes
• Metaphor

Hoping to see you all soon!

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Mrs Kinsella 🙂