World Book Day Rescheduled!

World Book Day –rearranged date! TUESDAY 20th March

Pupils and teachers are encouraged to dress up as a book character. This is a fun way to keep that fantastic reading culture we have going! During the month of March each class will be paired with another class. They will visit each other twice and read to each other in class. Each child will also write a book review to recommend a favourite book to other children. We are asking the children to tell us the Accelerated Reader colour so that other people can choose it too. We will also set up a free book swap for children’s books from home that you are finished with. Bring a book swap a book! What a great way to reuse, recycle and read, read, read!

Do you have a children’s book to swap? Please bring it in and take it to the library.


Bedtime Story Tuesday 27th March 6pm-7pm. Parents and children of nursery to P4 children are invited to school to enjoy a bedtime story together. Children should come dressed in pyjamas with a teddy. We would love parents to read the stories and we love stories in different languages. The children will get a drink of milk and a cookie and then quietly home to bed.. This was a great success previously and parents have requested this again so please do come along.

If you would like to read a book to a small group at our Bedtime story please email us. We would especially love stories in different languages.



Miss Pandit’s Leaving Assembly TUESDAY 20th March at 11am.

Morning nursery and children from P1 to P3 will gather for an assembly to wish Miss Pandit well on her retirement from Loretto. As you know Miss Pandit was seriously injured in a car accident and whilst she has made a remarkable recovery it is now time for her to enjoy her retirement. Parents are invited to join us, as I know many of you would like to see Miss Pandit and wish her well.