Hide and Seek Assembly

This week we are perhaps getting a little weary hoping and waiting for a sign that our lockdown will soon be over and we will soon be back together. We might be looking for signs that things are getting better and wondering where we can find God in all this sadness and suffering. Of course, we can find God and get to know him by getting to know Jesus. This week’s Gospel tells us how  Jesus explained this to his disciples and friends. If we  get to know Jesus and look for signs of His love -we will see it all around us. So our religious assembly this week is to think about this film and play ‘I spy’ for signs of the  LOVE of God. It’s always here-in the helping hands,smiles, gentle words, brave acts, co-operation, sharing…every little kindness.

A prayer for this week especially for those who have to make big decisions to look after our hospitals, works, care homes and schools in our country.

For those who are guiding

our nation and shaping national policies

that they may make wise decisions.

Strengthen them and bless them.

Lord Hear us

Lors Graciously Hear Us


2020-05-11 Assembly Video for Home