Musselburgh Assembly

The school had some important visitors this week – the Honest Lad and Lass of Musselburgh came to watch P3’s assembly all about Musselburgh.

We had our own Honest Lad and Lass dressed up in the clothes that the real Honest Lad and Lass wear, and we gave them certificates and wished them luck.

Our assembly saw Doctor Who visit Musselburgh, then travel back in time to see what the town was like in the past.  He saw Romans, fishermen, fisherwives, and other important people from long ago who lived in Musselburgh.  He found out what jobs people had in the past and why Musselburgh is called Musselburgh and what the coat of arms is like.

We all had great fun and our visitors and parents really enjoyed it.


School Sports!

We had a beautiful day today for our school sports. 

Each house competed in a mixture of events including a hockey dribble, basketball bouncing, beat-the-goalie and beanbag throwing.  Then each class ran a race.  The parents helped out and took part in their own race.  The teachers even managed to run a race and Miss Pottie won.

The house with the most points at the end of the day was St Andrews – well done!


Primary 3 Summer Trip!

Primary 3 went on their summer trip last week, but it didn’t feel like summer!

We went to John Muir Country Park on Tuesday and we were shown round by the park ranger, Tara.  She told us about some of the animals that are in the Scottish countryside and we found frogs in a pond and heard a heron.  Callum did very well and spotted a toad on the path!  We played a few games, but it was very wet and cold so we came back to the school early.  We had an afternoon of games at school instead!

We all had fun even though it was rainy!


Loretto Animation Club

The second group taking part in the animation club have produced lots of mini-films. We hope you enjoy them!

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Musselburgh Museum

Primary 3 started their new topic today on Musselburgh.  We had two visitors to help us today.  Mrs Henderson told us all about the new Musselburgh Museum and the kind of things that will be in it.  She showed us clothes that schoolchildren wore 100 years ago and lots of other old objects.  Sarah Cowie came in and showed us how we could set up our own mini-museum in the class.  She showed us how to examine objects and work out what they were.  We wrote labels for lots of different objects that she brought in.  Some of them were old toys and some were for housework or schools.

We will be trying to make our own museum of things we find out about in our Musselburgh topic.


Verbs and Adverbs!

Primary 3 have been learning all about verbs – “doing” words.  We thought of lots of different verbs and made 3D models of people in poses to show different verbs.

Then we looked at adverbs that describe how verbs are done.  We all picked a verb and an adverb and had to act it out – the class managed to guess a lot of them!

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Loretto Animation Club

Children from Primary 4 and 5 have been learning how to make animated films after school.  They used lego to make models and then took lots of photos of them in different positions.  The photos go together to make it look like they are moving.  The children have been using what they have learned in their class work as well!

Here are the first two films they have made – more on the way!

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Land Art

Primary 3 created some art using natural materials.  Tanwen came to our class and showed us how to make a dinosaur in the playground.  We drew a dinosaur out of simple shapes using chalk on the ground.  We filled in the chalk picture with sticks, twigs, leaves and pebbles to make the different textures of the dinosaur.

We all wanted to make more pictures using natural materials.


Trip to Edinburgh Zoo

Primary 3 went on a trip to Edinburgh Zoo to learn all about endangered animals.  We had a talk about why animals are endangered and then went to see some rare animals in the zoo.  We saw a Socorro Dove which is extinct in the wild and some rare tigers and rhinos.  Then we had a look at all the other animals in the zoo.  It was a tiring day but everyone had a great time and learned a lot!