Loretto Readers!

Well done to all the children who earned their Reading is Braw lanyards today! They achieved their targets of reading for 5 weeks and are ready to work towards their next target!

Half-Marathon to Full Marathon

Primary Seven decided to work as a team to run a half marathon as part of their fundraising for this year!
We were so enthusiastic that we decided to run a full marathon through working together. When each child’s laps were counted and added to each others, we realised that we nearly ran two full marathons by working together!
We especially enjoyed our Luca’s ice cream when we finished as we all ran at least one mile!

Class Half-Marathon on PhotoPeach

Our Marathon! on PhotoPeach

Running, Rain and Ice Cream! on PhotoPeach

Primary Seven Bake Sale!

Primary Seven have been busy baking and selling cakes! They have started fundraising for their primary seven privileges and have raised £370 which will go towards this and their chosen charity!

Well done everyone!

Primary Seven Bake Sale on PhotoPeach

P1 and P7 Buddy Time

Today, Primary Seven visited the Primary One classes during their Buddy time. The children read stories together and looked at their learning stories.

It was great to see the Primary One children settled in their classrooms! 🙂

Primary One and Seven Buddy Time on PhotoPeach

Primary Four have been learning about….

Last term, we studied the topic of Scotland.  We focussed on the Battle of Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce and William Wallace.  We enjoyed making mini Jacobites!


We went on different trips too! It was fun to take part in an Athletics Festival and a Badminton fun day! Each week, we have also been swimming at Musselburgh Sports Centre.


We have also enjoyed creating and performing our assemblies.  These were about Bonnie Prince Charlie, France and World Prayer Day, and New Beginnings at Springtime.  This helped us to develop as confident indivduals as we all felt eager to perform and take part in activities that helped them to be a success!  Our next assembly will be about celebrating success in school 🙂



Primary Four Sacraments.

Children in Primary Four have been working very hard in preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation on Sunday 28th April.  They have been learning about the importance of their sacramental initiation into the Church family. 

Good luck on Sunday!