Congratulations to Liam Doyle of P6 who came runner-up in a national competition he and his class entered earlier this year to design a new egg box! Liam has won a certificate and £500 for the school to spend on art materials. Well done!

The children have settled quickly into the routine of P3 and are all working well.

For social studies we are looking at the lives and times of the people of Ancient Rome – the children have approached this topic with great enthusiasm!

On Mondays they have Music with Mr Holden, with football training on Thursdays. We hope to visit the Brunton Theatre in October for a production of the Selfish Giant and take part in a dance workshop connected to the story, which should give us all a chance to work on our dance moves!

I am also making arrangements for the class to visit the newly-reopened National Museum of Scotland in November for  a workshop based on Ancient Rome – further details on this will be sent out to parents nearer the time.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support for the children’s learning – for them to make progress, home and school need to work together, and it’s great that this is all going smoothly.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back everybody. I hope you’ve all had a super holiday. A big thank you to you all for your lovely cards and presents. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and finding out about the fun you all had.

This term we will continue to work towards our John Muir award. On Tuesday 8th of  February we will walk from school to ‘The Grove’ where the countryside ranger will discuss with us the history of the river Esk and it’s landuse. We will return to the river later in the year to observe the changes in wildlife in a later season.

We will be working with Primary 4 towards our Scottish assembly. I’m sure you’ll all have lots of fun learning  Scottish dancing with your classmates!

Mr Holden will be taking you all for music commencing Monday 17th of January until the February break.

Our class topic will be based on different aspects of Britain, its geography,cities,climate, culture and people. I’m sure you’ll enjoy researching about  the United Kingdom and its position in Europe and the world.

The term so far… P5

Since we have come back to Primary 5 we have been very busy. We have taken part in a knitting workshop and we learned how to knit. We visited the Edinburgh Book Festival and saw Joan Lingard and Kjartan Poskitt. An author called Guy Bass came to our school. We visited Newhailes and then a couple of days after we went to the Brunton Theatre to see Magic Spaghetti. We watched the Pope arrive for his visit to Edinburgh. The Hopscotch Theatre Company came to our school and did a play about the Blitz in the Gym Hall.  – by Thomas Courtney

Julia Donaldson Live BBC

Julia Donaldson Live BBC



P4 watched Julia Donaldson live on BBC Authors live. She wrote some of the following books like The Gruffalo ,The Gruffalos Child, Stick Man, Monkey Puzzle and The Snail And The Whale .Julia

Plays guitar and she wanted to be an actress.I like Julia’s books because she puts it into poetry.




Liam P4

P4 Class Communion

On Sunday 23rd of May my class friends were making their First Holy Communion .I wore my blue dress with white flowers .I went over to

the church and waited for my friends to come

I watched them come down in their       kilts and

dresses .They looked lovely They sang the Gospel

and they said prayers from the microphone.

Me and my sister went for a blessing.

A special breakfast had been prepared for us.

We had ham rolls and cakes .I felt happy.

I was thrilled to see my friends on the altar on

their special day.

Paulina’s communion day

On Sunday the 23rd of May  I was rushing because I woke up late. I was happy because it was my Holy Communion day. Quickly I said. I got dressed in my Holy Communion dress and my white shoes.

I felt really happy.

I was a bit embarrassed because I came into the church instead of the church hall.  Then Rachel’s  mum showed me the way. I  looked amazed at how people looked and how my friends looked


Then the altar servers  came to get us. Then we to the  church. Me Rachel and the two Nathans did the actions for Father we love you and cannon did the reading. Then Christian and Sean did the main reading.Me  Liam Rachel and Jessica sang My shepherd is the lord. Afterwards the children did the prayers.


Then the altar servers came and brought us to the room where they get changed  because we had to get our pictures done. I felt famous



Then we had our breakfast and first we had to have a roll then  we could have a cake. Afterwards Rachel’s mum took pictures of us. Then one of the ladies took me and Wojtek to give presents to Mrs Graham and cannon. I felt great.

Health Week

Last week our school had lots of healthy activities to promote good health.

Our class, Primary4, decided to do a bike ride around the school.  I did 13 laps!  It was harder than you think, people were walking in and out the building.

P1, P2 and P3 organised a health event on Friday.  They made smoothies with fresh fruit.  We played fruity games!  Primary 5  were learning about staying healthy .  Primary 6 were learning about drug awareness.  Primary 7 checked the snacks as they were looking at a healthy diet and finding out what makes a healthy diet.

Parents and staff had a wellbeing evening where they discussed healthy living and did exercises.

It was great fun doing the bike ride.  We were awarded with fruit, we were given apples and oranges.

In Primary 4 we are aware that to keep healthy we need daily exercise, good food and happy times with our friends.

By Sean P4


This term Primary4 were finding out about the country in which we live in Scotland.We preformed two productions of our Scottish assembly.The first production was performed for the people of the parish and the second production was for the pupils of our school.Each pupil of P4 chose a famous Scott to research on.I chose King Alexander III. I also recited the poem Burke and Hare.We acted out the play of Tam O Shanter.I quite liked the project Scotland.
Liam P4.