World Book Day

Today is World Book Day! We have been doing lots of things related to books. First of all different classes heard stories from the wonderful story tellers who came to the school. The stories were from different countries around the world. ‘We liked them because we got to shout out’.

This is some of our thoughts about today…

Primary 3/4 We have been having great fun, reading out loud to each other in different classes, we have been swapping teachers to hear stories and look at different books. We are designing Book Covers.

Primary 5 have designed book covers. They have been to see the storyteller in the gymhall, they had a competition on the number of books read and A.R quizzes completed. They have also read their favourite books in reading time.

Primary 1K have also been to see the storyteller. They have read stories and shared and disscussed their favourite books, they re-designed front covers. Primary 1K have also learnt what the ‘title’ the ‘author’ and the ‘illustrator’

Primary 1H have disscussed their favourite stories with each other and re-designed front covers of their books. They also have been to see the story teller.

Primary 2/3 have had a teacher swap with primary 3/4 to read stories. Brought in books for a book swap, read a page of their book to primary 3/4 and went to listen to the story teller.

Primary 2 listened to the storyteller and designed a book cover for a book and for homework they are illustrating their pages of their reading books.

Primary 6 have disscused diffrent genres of books and designed book covers and went to listen to the storyteller with primary 7

Primary 7 made their own autobiographys and listened to the storyteller.

By Iona MacIsaac Primary 7

St Andrew’s Day Celebrations

St Andrew’s Day Celebrations! on PhotoPeach

Today at Loretto we have been celebrating St Andrew’s Day. to do that we entered a school competition for the best Scottish themed dining hall. Every class done something different, for example p7 did Irn-bru cans and bottles out of collage and p6 made ‘Broons’ pictures of the Scottish dumplings etc. and to make it even better the primary ones dressed in their tartan skirts and sashes and sang ‘Three Craws’ to the judges and teachers a really cute Scottish song. Lets just hope we win the competition, wish us good luck!!! 🙂

By Rebecca and Aidan ross from primary seven

News just in, at the end of today. Loretto RC Primary School Won the competition!!

Well done everyone on all the learning and fantastic art work. You have made us proud! Mrs Baker

News from Primary 3/4

Hi all, just to let you know we are adding some useful websites to our class pages. This will help us to play and learn at home.

Some news from Primary 3/4. This week as part of ECO week we have been picking up litter in the woods and there was a lot! We have been making bottle top art and making pine cone bird feeders to help the birds this winter. Please come along to the Winter Fair where you can buy these for the birds near you. Tomorrow we are having a no paper day.

We are looking forward to seeing parents on Friday at the open morning.

Thanks Kinga

Primary 3/4

Hi from Primary 3/4,

Some news for this week.
We have a firework safety talk on Tuesday, before some of us watch the fireworks at the Racecourse, on Bonfire Night. We are learning how to complete Accelerated Reader Quizzes and some people have done this already.

We are filming our dramas on Citizenship this week. We are excited about our new topic The Vikings.

We have enjoyed using Mathletics and we are earning lots of gold coins.

Thanks McKenzie and Jake from P 3/4

Chicks in Primary 1/2

There has been great excitement in Primary 1/2, where we have seen the awe and wonder of new life. As we learn about Living Things we have observed chicks hatching in class. We have hatched 10 chicks and 5 ducks and all are doing well.

Chicks in Primary 1/2 on PhotoPeach

Dragons in Primary 1/2!

This week in Primary 1/2.

We made a big fat fire breathing dragon!

We also had lucy G and alicia dressed up as pirates.

We have also did some terrific reading and writing during our fabulous week and we were able to share this in ‘Shared Learning’ session with Primary 3.

We also made great fairy tale graphs in p1/2 this week.

We had a brilliant time on wednesday at Gymnastics with Mrs Sellwood.

We hope you read more next week about primary 1/2 thankyou very much

from Kinga, Chloe, Mrs Baker Jason Law , Jamie Watters!

Shape work

This week in Primary 1/2. We have been learning about symmetry in maths. We had shapes so we could draw around it and then cut out. Then we folded it to see if there was any symmetry.Then we stuck it on a bit of paper.Then we put the name of the shape and our name on it and then we put down how many lines of symmetry it has.

We have been reading fairy tales like Jack and the Beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel,Thumbelina and we drew pictures of them. We wrote fairy tales aswell, in our castle books after the dragon left them for us. We pretented to be fairy tale characters in drama.

For robert burns day we made haggis,neeps and tatties and we have recited the Selkirk Grace.

We have also been learning a new prayer in class it is called the ‘Glory Be’.

We have had a very busy week in p1/2 we will write back soon Jake,Maria,Blair,Frankie and the rest of p1/2

P1/2 s Fairy Land

P1/2 have been busy making their own Fariy Landl in our Classroom. We have had a visit from a special dragon called Friendly Dragon. We have written letters for him to say thank you.

We are making our own Fairy Land because Friendly Dragon has lost his home because it disappeared.

So far we have made ‘Jack’ (Roberto is the outline) and the Beanstalk and we have made our own magical porridge pots.

We are going to make a castle for the Friendly Dragon so he can protect it.

We’ll write again soon
Hannah L, Michael, Mckenzie L, Chiara, Frankie & P1/2

P7 Advent Service

Well done Primary 7! 

On leading us in a wonderfully prayerful Advent Service you presented all of the different parts very clearly and we were able to participate well.

Thank you to you all in Primary 7 and Miss Pottie for all your hard work to help make this a very special time of year.