Children’s Book Club

For all the little book worms in P4 (and other classes too!)

The author Tom Fletcher has chosen 10 books suitable for ages 7-11 for a kids book club. They are all available in WH Smith and are on sale at the moment. If you are looking for an extra challenge or to increase your personal reading time why not give some of them a go. Maybe you could do it with a group of friends and swap the books and give reviews on each of them.

I look forward to hearing all about them

Mrs Clark

P4 Table Tennis Taster

Primary 4 have had the chance to learn some table tennis skills with one of the east Lothian coaches.

P3/4 Topic Learning

P3/4 decided to do learning topic learning outside in the sunshine yesterday. We were learning about the main organs in the human body. We drew labelled diagrams on the ground with chalk.

P3/4 Tesco Trip

P3/4 were visiting Tesco this morning. We learned about where our food comes from and about food and drink that would be suitable for athletes. We tried different fruits and vegetables and made fruit kebabs. We also tried different kinds of milk including goat’s milk. It was really good fun.

P3/4 Maths

We have been learning about symmetry. We have looked at lines of symmetry on shapes, flags, letters and even in nature. We worked in groups to create our own symmetrical pictures.