Christmas in Primary 1 and Primary 1/2

All the children have been enjoying preparing for Christmas. The children created Christmas crafts that were sold at the fayre, danced their socks off at the party and enjoyed a visit from Santa. They have prepared a wonderful Nativity show which they are very excited to be performing tomorrow to parents and carers. We are delighted to announce that the show will be featured in the Edinburgh Evening News on Christmas Eve!

We hope to see many of you tomorrow, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please see photos below. Enjoy!

Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 visit Musselburgh Library.

libraryOn Wednesday P1 and P1/2 enjoyed a lovely walk to the library. At the library we listened carefully to 3 stories. ‘Shark in the Park’, ‘Don’t wake the Beastie’ and ‘Rhino, what Rhino?’. We then voted for our favourite and ‘Shark in the Park’ was the winner!Back at school the Primary 1 children were gifted their Bookbug pack. Over the next few weeks we shall read the 3 shortlisted stories for the Children’s Book Awards, these are included in the Bookbug pack. In the New Year we shall vote for our favourite. We encourage the children to read these super stories at home.

Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 learning about the sun and stars.

Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 have been learning about the stars and the sun. We created star paintings inspired by star photographs from the ‘Hubble website’ and ‘Jackson Pollock’ . Using a torch and globe we demonstrated how day and night occur due to the Earth spinning once every 24 hours. We also recorded how shadows move throughout the day due to the position of the sun. The children are excited to now begin our learning about the moon!

‘ I learned that stars explode and that the sun is a star.’ (Max)

‘ I learned that the sun doesn’t move and that our planet spins really fast.’ (Charlie)

‘I learned that Earth moves round all the time.’ (Orla)

Our learning in Primary 1

Primary 1 enjoyed creating a class spooky potion last week, the potion was to make us disappear! The children then created their own spooky potions using lots of exciting WOW words. On Friday Primary 1 enjoyed investigating some unusual artefacts and worked together to organise a historic timeline. This was part of the Loretto challenge Friday.

Primary 1 have also begun our new topic of day and night. We have already been thinking about the differences between day and night and will be moving on to discover the reasons for these differences.

Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 visit Museum of Childhood

Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 had a super day visiting the Museum of Childhood. The children saw so many sorts of toys and enjoyed playing with a few of them too! We saw the ‘The Lone Ranger’ memorabilia and learned that character toys have always been a popular choice of toy. The doll exhibition was very spectacular! Can you spot the 300 year old doll in the photos?

Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 Old Playground Games

As part of our toys topic Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 learned to play some old playtime classics! The children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own hopscotch and playing this traditional, well known game. They worked very hard trying to turn a hoop with a stick! They also enjoyed skipping and a team game of duck, duck goose. The children are excited to try these activities during playtime tomorrow. Have a look at the photos below.

Love Drama!

Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 were very lucky to join in a workshop led by the fantastic Love Drama group. The children created a magic potion to make them line up! Have a look at the photos below and look out for the leaflet in your child’s book bag.



Learning in Primary 1

This week Primary 1 have been learning about the letters t,p and n. We have learned to recognise them, write them and make words with them. Today we made parrots, teddies and nests as we thought more about these sounds. In maths we have been ordering the numbers to 10 and created patterns on scarfs for Kipper. We have begun to create a pirate ship for our classroom display and will continue this next week. Have a look at some photos of our learning.


Welcome to Primary 1

Well done to all the children in Primary 1 who have had a super first 2 days at school. They have thoroughly enjoyed exploring their classrooms and learning about some new friends Kipper, Chip and Biff! Check out the photos below.


Jordan’s Football Fun Afternoon

Last week the school hosted a football fun afternoon in memory of Jordan Houston. We raised approx £250 for the Jordan Houston Trust. Each class designed a football themed activity and everyone thoroughly enjoyed playing the various games. Have a look at the photos below.