Happy Holidays

Dear all

It has been an end of term never to be forgotten and yet at the same time did not feel like the end of term at all.

We missed having our celebrations in person with the children and families but hope that our virtual events went some way to connecting with you all and marking the end of term.

Virtual sports day was a huge success and our Google classrooms and Google meets allowed the children to round off this year. We are becoming quite the quiz masters. School videos have let you see glimpses of the school as we have prepared and planned for August-though we are waiting for final confirmation later in the summer as to what this will be. Don’t worry we are prepared for different scenarios and will do our absolute best for your children within the guidance to be followed.

It was lovely to see so many children, especially our P7s on their last Google meets. We were delighted to deliver P7 packs to you including your ‘graduation’ certificate, Pope Francis Awards and yearbooks. We look forward to welcoming you back for a celebration when the time is safe and right.

School session dates have been published and are available on East Lothian Council website here https://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/info/210557/schools_and_learning/12007/school_term_dates/3

Please also check latest information on our Twitter page about free school meals over summer  and the link to East Lothian Council nursery updates.

If there are any other important updates we will be in touch-so keep an eye out for school e mails. But for now rest and relax a bit over the summer.

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and support and the great job you did during lockdown.

To the wonderful staff team here in Loretto-thank you for your dedicated commitment to our school and the preparation for next session-however that will be. I know how hard you have worked  behind the scenes and how much you are missing the children.

I hope that the weather is kind to us over the summer break. Stay safe and well-keep following the advice-and see you soon.

Mrs McBean



Have a nice weekend

Dear all

You have received several communications this week from us. Some for P1 transition, some for P7 transition and some of the big picture news from our Head of Education Lesley Brown based on government announcements.

We realise it is difficult waiting for specific details but please be patient. So many things are dependent on each other and these inform the planning for your child and our school within East Lothian Council.

Teachers will be continuing to work providing Home Learning over June and at the same time we will be making preparations for August.

In the meantime please continue to follow the Phase 1 Scottish Covid guidance-stay safe.Enjoy this sunshine.

Hide and Seek Assembly

This week we are perhaps getting a little weary hoping and waiting for a sign that our lockdown will soon be over and we will soon be back together. We might be looking for signs that things are getting better and wondering where we can find God in all this sadness and suffering. Of course, we can find God and get to know him by getting to know Jesus. This week’s Gospel tells us how  Jesus explained this to his disciples and friends. If we  get to know Jesus and look for signs of His love -we will see it all around us. So our religious assembly this week is to think about this film and play ‘I spy’ for signs of the  LOVE of God. It’s always here-in the helping hands,smiles, gentle words, brave acts, co-operation, sharing…every little kindness.

A prayer for this week especially for those who have to make big decisions to look after our hospitals, works, care homes and schools in our country.

For those who are guiding

our nation and shaping national policies

that they may make wise decisions.

Strengthen them and bless them.

Lord Hear us

Lors Graciously Hear Us


2020-05-11 Assembly Video for Home

Praying together on Thursday as we clap for the NHS

We are not at school and can’t gather for school assembly or going to Mass so here is a chance for us all to ‘gather’ in our God’s family this week. Maybe we can say this wee prayer on Thursday as we clap for the NHS at 8pm.  Many thanks to Ten Ten resources for making their resources available to us.

You might like to watch an assembly film here too. https://www.tentenresources.co.uk/living-your-best-life

Welcome back to Home Learning Term 4

I hope you have all had a restful time over Easter. I know it’s not the holidays we all wanted but I am very proud of you all staying in at home and helping the whole country to stay safe and well. Well done boys and girls and all your families.

Just to remind you that TUESDAY 21 April we are back to our learning. We will be back online in our Google Classrooms so please log in and say Happy Easter to your class.

Each week you will have a weekly learning grid from your teacher and lots of suggestions to keep you learning. BUT remember mums and dads, we don’t expect you to run your home like a school-you need to find what works for you and hope that what we provide helps. We all need some exercises and fun and play to help us stay bright and cheery.

This week let us reflect on the hope that the risen Jesus brings us. There is hope every day in every little act of kindness and all those heroic acts of kindness in our hospitals and  care homes.

My challenge for you this week is to look out of your window or on your permitted daily exercise-look for signs of hope and Spring and draw a picture of this.

Happy Easter. Joyeuses Paques. Wesolych Swiat Wielkanocnych. Buona Pasqua.

Mrs McBean




You are invited to join us today Friday 3rd April at 12 noon as we break for Easter to light a candle in your window and pray for our pupil. May His light shine upon him and upon us all. At this time Fr Basil is also saying a private Mass.


Home Learning Week 1 Monday 23 March

Good morning Loretto

I hope you all had a restful weekend getting used to the new safe way of living as we do our part in trying to minimise the spread of Covid19.

It is very important we all follow the rules set out by the government. They are just like our school rules Be Ready, Be Safe, Be Respectful.

BE SAFE is the most important and that means we can’t come to school or go out to play in groups.

We need to remember that we are all in this together and be kind to everyone around us-even though we might be fed up or worried.

For pupils -please do not use the google classrooms as a chat room-this is our online classroom so it’s there to help our learning and talk to your teacher.

For parents-you are politely reminded this is a learning platform and aprents should not log on without their child in attendance. Of course, please help your child but it is not a forum for parent discussion or asking the teacher individual questions. It takes a bit of IT admin and managing by each teacher.

Please be patient as teachers will most likely only be able to answer during school hours but they need some flexibility too as we adjust.

This week my home learning is for you to write and draw a prayer for everyone working and learning at home.

Here’s mine

Dear Lord

Help us to be safe, kind and patient with everyone at home. Help us to be a kind child, like the boy Jesus and a patient , understanding parent like our Mother Mary. Help us to follow the example of St. Joseph in caring for his Holy Family.

Lord Hear Us




Schools closure Coronavirus

The first Minister has today announced that it is her expectation that schools will close to pupils at the end of this week.

East Lothian Council have been putting robust plans in place. This will be a challenging and difficult time for all of us but we are committed to supporting you and each other.

Here in Loretto we are planning to support your children’s learning . Further details to follow .

Best wishes

Margaret Anne McBean


Cross Country Event Cancelled

Sorry but we got late word that the Cross Country event for Mon 16th March has been cancelled on the advice of East Lothian Council due to ongoing concerns around Covid19.

Sorry for the disappointment but we need to follow guidance and help the effort in these unprecedented times.

Eco Carbon fast for Lent

Working with our parish we would like to encourage you to do something positive to help our planet. Every year the Church encourages us to fast as part of our Lenten observance. This year we invite you to fast by reducing your carbon ( or energy) consumption.

Here is an idea we can all  try next week.

Use wax strips and reusable sandwich boxes and containers to take your lunch to school or work.

Thank you from Mollie and Lewis