Summer Fair

Lorettto’s Summer Fair is happening on Saturday the 6th of June. Many of the classes are getting themselves organised to have a stall at the Fair. Mrs Brown has been coming into our classroom to help us plant and grow some herbs and plants. They are really beginning to get bigger! We have still got a lot of things to do to prepare for the fair, it’s hard work but we are enjoying it! The next thing is designing and decorating pots for people to buy so that their plants look good.

Please come along to the Summer Fair. There will be plenty of things for you to do. We might even have a barbeque! Yum, Yum! For more information about the Fair have a look at the school’s notice board and the posters around the school, they will tell you all you need to know!

Hope to see you there,

Primary 6

P6 Cluster Hockey Festival

We\'re ready to play some Hockey!I loved blowing that horn!Where is my team?On Tuesday the 24th of March P6 classes from some schools in Musselburgh took part in a Hockey Festival which took place at Pinkie playing fields. We were split up into 6 teams of 4 people, they were called Cheetahs, Pumas, Panthers, Dolphins, Gazelles and the Lumas.

There were students from Telford College there to help referee the games. One of our P6 pupils were injured so they got given a job – he was the time keeper of all the matches. He had to blow the air horn to start and end the games.

The festival started at 10 am and finished at 12 noon. It was a cold day but we were all warm because we were playing Hockey the whole time and we were filled with excitement.

“I thought it was a really good day out and very successful” – Jamie

“I thought it was really enjoyable and I recommend it to P5” – Beth

“It was fun to do something with other schools in Musselburgh” – Amy

“When the Dolphins were a player down a player from Stoneyhill came to join our team to help out! I was very thankful and  made him feel very welcome by giving him some support” – Fraser


P6 Christmas Charity Enterprise

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

Over the past few days P6 have been working very hard to prepare for our fundraising event that is taking place on Wednesday the 17th of December. We have made many things such as calenders, activity books, pictures, dog masks and we have been baking with Mrs Gaunt in the nursery so that we have baking for everyone to buy. We have also organised a raffle and games for all the children in the school to play and the P6 parents and families. We loved baking so much, while doing it we were learning about tessellation, weight and following instructions!

“The baking was great fun” – Ronan
“I really, really enjoyed it” – Aine B
“I’d love to go back to the nursery to bake” – Jamie
“That was amazing” – Kieran
“I wish that we could turn one of the extra classrooms into a kitchen then we could cook more often and we would learn more” – Aidan

Below are some photos of us enjoying ourselves with Mrs Gaunt in the nursery.


We have been busy writing letters to our parents to ask them to come to the fun day between 11am and 12 noon on Wednesday the 17th of December. We have also asked them to bake for us so that we can sell the cakes and biscuits to raise as much money as possible to help get dogs trained to make the life of deaf people easier on a daily basis.


We have also been around the school putting up posters to remind everyone about all the things that we will be selling and doing. We have visited all the classes to show them the items they can buy and the games that they can play and we are making a big point of reminding everyone to please make a big effort to dress as a dog for £1.00 – we think it would be great to see all the pupils and teachers of Loretto dressed as dogs!

Have a look at P6 in action preparing for our Enterprise Event below.

P6 Enterprise ‘Hearing Dogs for the Deaf’

A few weeks ago P6 invited Mrs Janie McGregor into the school to talk to everyone about the charity that she works for called ‘Hearing Dogs for the Deaf’.
Today Janie and her two chocolate labradors called Coco and Nell came to our school assembly. Fraser and Kieran introduced our Christmas charity by talking about the enterprise day that P6 are organising. All that we raise will go to help train dogs, 75% of which are rescue dogs! Janie told us how the dogs can help deaf people, we found out that through touch the dogs are telling its owner that there is someone at the door, someone on the phone or even when the toast is ready! We also learned that these dogs can save their owner’s life by lying at their feet, that indicates to the owner that there is danger in the form of a fire.
These are some opinions from P6 about how we felt about seeing the dogs and hearing what Janie had to say:

We thought that the dogs were very clever. By Leia & Lauren

We felt very happy because less dogs are being abandoned and being trained to be hearing dogs. By Patricia and Shannon.

I thought it was very interesting,i want to earn as much money as possible! By Megan.

Janie told us that dogs for deaf people have to be trained a lot to do their job. by Josh Aidan and Ronan.

We will keep you updated about the events taking place on Wednesday the 17th of December.

Thank you

Loretto RC V The Burgh

Loretto RC 4 V The Burgh 0

Well done to the boys who played The Burgh, I thought that we were simply just too strong for them. We scored 4 goals but really it could have been 14! The Burgh boys deserve credit for keeping the score down.
Loretto managed to create a lot of chances and that’s great for the team, as long as we are making these chances then the goals will come. In general the boys seem to be getting stronger and stronger every match they play and when all our team members who are sick return we will be even better.
Well done to Gavin and Aiden who played their first game for the school team and had a very good game.
I can’t make Josh my Man of the Match this game because of the two men who played in front of him, they were fantastic! Jack was outstanding and for that I make him my Man of the Match.
Well done to all the boys, the school and myself are very proud of you.



Goal Scorers:
Sean 2
Nathan 2

Loretto V St Mary’s

Well done to the boys who played St Mary’s. What a game! The boys were fantastic. They did very well to win the game, the St Mary’s boys were all P7 players and our team was made up of P6 and P5 players so it was a great result for the school.

Very well done to our young goal keeper who was outstanding in goals. I have not seen a better keeper in the six years that I’ve been at the school so keep up the good work. Everybody is very proud of you! Well done to the two mid-field players who played extremely well, they put 100% effort into the game and played with determination.

Congratulations to the rest of the players and to the goal scorers who won the game for us. I was very proud of you all and I hope it keeps going for the rest of the season.

My man of the match has to go to our fabulous goal keeper who was terrific and did a great captain’s job. Well done you!


P6 Visit to Holyrood Palace and Edinburgh Castle

Our trip was outstanding! There were many different things that we saw and learned about, these are just some of them:

*Bullet holes still in the palace walls from hundreds of years ago

*King Charles loved spaniels, he has got a type of dog named after him – can you guess which one?

*It was really strange being in the room where the Scottish Nobles and Darnley killed Riccio, Mary’s friend and secretary – it felt like his spirit was still there! We heard from our tour guide that Darnley forced Mary over to the door where Riccio was being stabbed to death, Alison (tour guide) also said that Darnley did this to frighten Mary.

*We were in the Abby where Mary’s dad (James V) was buried. Riccio was also buried at the Abby, he was put at the entrance to the Abby so that people could stamp on him to show how much they hated him! Mary went mad when she heard about this and got him moved onto the Royal MIle.

*Mary had her baby (James V1) in Edinburgh Castle.

*The Gallery Room was massive. It had 96 portraits in it all of previous Kings  and Queen Mary. One night soldiers came into the room after loosing a battle, they went mad and started to rip up the paintings and stand in them. We saw the tear and boot marks on the mended portraits. There was a secret door to the kitchen which servants used to get to the kichen quicker – the table could seat 120 people!

*We saw a lock of Mary’s hair.

*One of the portraits in the gallery looked like Captain Hook but really it was Charles 11.

*In Mary’s bedroom she had a chest that was specially made for her – it  had red love hearts on it – it looked beautiful! It was amazing that the chest was still there. We looked at something that Mary would have used!


Football update…

The boys team has now been successfully put together by Mr Bonner and training starts on Friday the 19th of September 12.30 – 1.45pm. It is essential that all players turn up ready with their full football kit – shorts, t-shirt, socks, boots, shin guards and goal keeper gloves if necessary.

Our first game could be on the 22nd of September! Wish us luck!! We will do our best for the school but we do know that it’s more about having fun, being a good sportsman and keeping a strong team spirit!

Mary, Queen of Scots

We have been doing a lot of work on our history topic, Mary, Queen of Scots! Some of the work that we have done recently includes designing tudor dresses, and a castle that we will turn into 3D and we are in the middle of writing a news report on ‘The Death of Darnley’.

As a class we have decided that we would like to go to Edinburgh Castle, walk down the Royal Mile then have our lunch in Holyrood Park. After our lunch we are going to try and organise it so that we can go to Holyrood Palace to see where Mary stayed when she was at the Palace. We will take photos and post them onto our page once we have been. We already have some ideas about what we could do once we have been: write a letter to thank the tour guides, report writing to let everyone know what we did and saw, draw Edinburgh Castle from a photo that we have taken, create a family portrait room, we could pretend to be Mary or Elizabeth when letter writing…We will keep you updated on our progress!

Mary, Queen of Scots

P6 have been working very hard in groups to solve problems! Each group picked a character from the era of Mary, Queen of Scots then had to work together to make a life-size 3D model of that person! Each group of children planned what they wanted their model to look like by making labelled diagrams and listing resources that they would need. Each group has very nearly completed their task, they have all worked very hard as a team to solve their problem. We will photograph our models and post them on the website when we are finished so everyone can see them.