P1 and P1/2 Scottish Dancing

P1 and P1/2 have been learning all about Scotland. As part of this learning, they have been practising Scottish Country Dancing in the gym. The children have learned Strip the Willow, St Bernard’s Waltz and have been introduced to the very tricky Gay Gordons! They have worked so hard and decided to use some of the steps they have learned to create their own dance sequences. The children used side stepping, galloping, skipping, waltzing, twirling and pas-de-bas steps in their dances which they choreographed to music with beats of 8. Here are some action shots!

P1/2 Giraffes Can’t Dance Workshop

P1/2 had a fantastic dance session with Rhian today. We listened to the story, Giraffes Can’t Dance, and then learned three dances! We learned The Cha Cha, The Tango and The Waltz.

We have promised to teach someone at home tonight! Miss Kinsella is looking forward to hearing about how we got on!

Printing with toys in P1 and P1/2

As part of our Toys project, P1 and P1/2 used printing techniques to create a toy soldier. The children printed using real toys and created some fantastic effects. They rolled toy cars in paint to make tracks which became the soldier’s trousers. Marbles were rolled in paint and over paper to make the buttons on his jacket. The children blew bubbles in paint using straws to create the soldier’s face and hat. Finally the children used transport stampers to make the soldier’s jacket. He looks fantastic and is standing to attention waiting to greet our grown-ups on Parent’s Evening next week!

Making Toys in P1/2

P1/2 have been learning all about toys! They explored how toys with wheels work and how they are made. They looked at toys that can be pushed and pulled and toys that roll. They created a variety of toys with wheels on fixed axles. This means that both wheels attached to the axle move at the same time. The photographs show the children working hard to create a Bugmobile, a Pull-Along Chick, a Red Bus and a Push-Along Ladybird.

Golden Time in P1/2!

P1/2 have been learning all about the Golden Rules. On a Friday, if the children have followed the Golden Rules, they have earned all of their Golden Time! Golden Time is 30 minutes of fun! This week, the children played with play-doh, Junior Monopoly, a doll’s house, Buckaroo and a train track. The children loved Golden Time and will be working hard to keep their ruby slippers on the Yellow Brick Road every week!

Visitors to School!

This week has been busy at Loretto! We had a visit from the SSPCA on Wednesday. They explained how to care for animals and that they are the people to call if we see an animal we don’t know that needs help.
On Friday, we had a musical assembly with a visit from the Kakatsitsi drummers. They taught us about rhythm and beat and showed us a fantastic dance!

Here are some photos of P1,2 and 3 at the SSPCA talk and the whole school enjoying the drumming.

Patterns in P1/2!

We are learning about pattern in P1/2. Today, we talked about repeating patterns and created stripy scarves. Then, we went off to explore pattern using the resources in the classroom. We made patterns using colour, size and shape. Here are the children in action!

P2K at Museum of Scotland

P2K had a wonderful time on their trip to the Museum of Scotland yesterday. They learned lots about the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets with Neepa when they became space explorers for the day! Thank you to our fantastic helpers for giving up their time to come along!

P2K Judo Taster

P2K had a fantastic time at the judo taster they participated in last week. The boys and girls did really well – here they are in action…

Camp Dorm Inspections – Day 3!

Mrs Brown and Miss Kinsella have been doing daily dorm inspections before activities! Yesterday was disappointing with a few rooms only receiving as little as 3/10! However, today the boys and girls have raised their game and have even been trying to bribe the inspectors! We were swayed by a poem from some of the boys who managed to get 8/10 today! Here is their handiwork… Clever tactics! We’re expecting big things tomorrow if we are to give full marks! image