John Muir Birthplace Visit

On Thursday 30th April, Primary 5 travelled to Dunbar to visit John Muir’s birthplace.  They had a fantastic time exploring the museum and finding out many new facts about John Muir’s fascinating life.

Did you know?

John Muir once went camping at Yosemite with President Roosevelt.

John Muir walked 1000 miles across America from Kentucky to the Bay of Mexico.

John Muir invented many things including a ‘loafer’s chair’ which fired a gun shot if anyone got too comfortable loafing!

Primary 5 Litter Project

Before the Easter holidays P5 took part in a mini project about litter.  They split into groups and were asked to research one aspect of litter and create a presentation about it.  The results were fantastic!  The class created models (including a zoo and a forest), powerpoint presentations, poems, stories, gameshows, banners and much more!  The class learned about recycling, the effects of litter on animals, how to help the litter problem and what types of litter are found on beaches and in forests.

Primary 5 also spent time picking up litter from the playground and found over 250 pieces of litter, including plastic, sweetie wrappers, drinks cans and even a fork and spoon!  The class recorded the amount and the types of litter found and displayed them in colourful graphs!  The class have also been using ICT to design posters to stop people dropping litter in and around the school!


Christmas Card Competition

Primary five and six were asked to design a Christmas card for a competition for the Westminster Parliament.  On Friday 21st November Anne Moffat, the MP for East Lothian, visited the classes to announce the winner.  The winning design was created by Aidan from primary five and he was presented with a Westminster goodie bag as well as a copy of his card.  Anne explained to the pupils that 2000 copies of Aidan’s card would be sent out to a variety of people including the Prime Minister and the Queen!

Well done Aidan!

 Anne Moffat and Aidan

Winning Design

Aidan’s winning design!

Primary 5 Hall of Fame!

Star Writer: Dionne.  Dionne produced an well detailed plan to help her write a report about P5’s music day.

Star Reader: Chloe H.  I really enjoyed listening to Chloe reading because she read with great expression!

Star Mathematician: Niamh R.  Niamh calculated recipe book profits very accurately and was able to explain to the rest of her group how to do it!

Bonus for Behaviour: Anthony.  Anthony always works well in group work.  He listens to others and contributes his ideas too.  Well done Anthony!

We Need You!

Primary five are making a recipe book as part of our enterprise project. We need lots of recipes to go into our book. Please send in your favourite recipes! We are looking for starters, main courses and desserts. Some of the profit we make will go to charity and the rest will be saved for a class trip!

All recipes must be in by Tuesday 11th November!

Thank you!

Niamh D and Hannah


Enterprise Project

This week primary five have started an enterprise project.  They are planning to create a recipe book which will be sold at the Christmas Fayre (fingers crossed!)  The pupils will take responsibility for the complete production of the book from gaining quotes from the printing office to selling the book around the school.  They will design, type and edit the recipe book as well as keep track of finances and advertise to promote the finished product!  Regular updates on the pupils’ progress will be provided on this website! 

Primary 5 Hall of Fame!

Thursday 30th October

Star Writer: Conor.  Conor wrote a great fantasy story about Davie Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean!

Star Reader: Steven.  Steven was great at identifying the difference between fact and opinion in a newspaper article.

Star Mathematician: Hannah.  Hannah was very quick to understand her group’s topic of decimals!

Bonus for Behaviour:  Cerys.  Primary 5 decided that Cerys works well and tries to get along with all of the children at her table!  Well done Cerys!

Badminton Festival

We love badminton!

On Thursday 30th October Primary 5 went to Musselburgh Sports Centre to take part in a badminton festival.  We were joined by Stoneyhill Primary School and the Burgh. 


We were put into groups of colours.  In our groups we went round six different stations.  The stations helped us to get better at playing badminton. 

All of primary 5 really enjoyed it.  Most of us rated it ten out of 10!  Those who hadn’t played baminton before learned a lot!


Hannah – “My favourite part was trying to get a shuttle cock into a hoop for points!”

Erin – “It was fun playing a proper game of badminton!”

Written by Aidan, Niamh R and Lucy G.