Riding of The Marches Assembly

We were lucky enough to get a visit from The Honest Toun Association today. Our visitors arrived in full regalia and thoroughly enjoyed meeting our Town Champion, Turf cutter and all their helpers. Primary 3 entertained us with a ‘fishy song’ and we all enjoyed singing a rousing version of the Musselburgh Song together.


Medieval Sports and Football Fun

Yesterday the sun shone and we all had fun on Sports Day. We were having a special Medieval Sports Day to fit in with The Riding of The Marches. We took part in events such as Soulle, Cherry Baskets, Quoits and Stilts. There were some great examples of team work – so well done everone.

P1 and P1/2 Trip to National Gallery

P1 and P1/2 had a fantastic day at the National Galleries of Scotland today. They learned so much about landscape paintings. They looked at paintings of seascapes, gardens and lakes. The paintings were from Scotland, France and Italy. The children had a go at recreating the techniques used by the famous artists and went outside to do some sketching of the landscape around Princes St. Gardens. We had a wonderful day and learned so much!

P4/5 Trip to the Botanic Gardens

P4/5 Had a fantastic day out to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, we saw lots of different plants and flowers and learnt about the life cycle of plants. We explored plants using microscopes and tasted some tropical fruits.

P4 Trip to Lochleven


Primary 4 had a super, sunny outing to Lochleven where we studied insects, mixed potions and developed some artwork.

Sports Day Cancelled

Unfortunately we are having to cancel Sports Day tomorrow due to the wet weather this week.  It will now take place on the morning of Wednesday 22nd June (weather permitting)

Reading is Braw Exit Survey

As we are coming to an end of our reading project, we are looking for data around its impact. Please take a moment to complete the family reading survey. Your responses are greatly appreciated!

East Lothian School Uniform Bank

East Lothian School Uniform Bank

c/o Carefree Kids, 9 Elphinstone Road, Tranent, East Lothian, EH33 2LG

Email:  eastlothianschooluniformbank@carefreekids.org.uk

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/eastlothianschooluniformbank 

East Lothian School Uniform Bank was set up by a local parent and has been further developed with support from Carefree Kids and Support from the Start.

Our aim is to ensure that every child in East Lothian has access to a suitable school uniform.

With this in mind, we are looking for donations of new or used good quality school uniform items.  We are asking parents that as it nears the end of term, if they have any good quality items that they no longer have the use for to consider donating them to us. 

We have also set up an Amazon Wishlist where new items can be purchased and donated to us –  https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/registry/wishlist/?ie=UTF8&cid=A2LRGHW0AQEO3F

The School Uniform Bank is in the process of building up a stock of school uniform items that will then be used to assist families who are referred on to us. 

We would be grateful if this information can be passed onto parents/carers of children attending your school. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information.

With thanks 

Paula Edmond

Project Manager, Carefree Kids









Riding of the Marches – Burgesses

Dear All

The Musselburgh Riding of the Marches 2016 has issued a last call for residents to apply to become Burgesses and get their name into the town’s record books.

The deadline for applications has been extended to June 30, and residents of Musselburgh, Inveresk, Wallyford and Whitecraig are invited to apply.

The title of Burgess dates back to 1682, when honorable townsfolk were invited to celebrate the ancient tradition of the Musselburgh Riding of the Marches. Every 21 years since then, during Riding of the Marches week, Musselburgh has admitted Burgesses, or worthy townspeople into its record book. Anyone over 18 with a connection to Musselburgh may apply to become an Honorary Burgess. This connection may be birth, education, employment or residence.

Successful applicants will be invited to the Burgess Ceremony held in the Brunton Hall on Monday 25th July where they will be presented with their certificate and their Burgess “Bap”.

Anyone wishing to be admitted as a Burgess should complete an application form (attached for convenience) and return by 30th June with a fee of £10 to the Riding of the Marches Information Centre, 73 High Street, Musselburgh.burgessapplication

For more information please email burgessapplications@rom2016.co.uk Best wishes Janice Burr Administrator for Riding of the Marches 2016 http://rom2016.co.uk/ Musselburgh Riding of the Marches 2016 – YouTube http://rom2016.com/