It’s better to say something than do nothing

Keeping children and young people safe

If you’ve got concerns about a child or young person ‘it’s better to say something than do nothing’ according to a new campaign.

Child Protection Scotland, Barnardo’s Scotland, NSPCC Scotland and Police Scotland worked together on the campaign which is running online. They say:

“As Scotland’s children settle back into the school routine and slowly begin to return to clubs and out-of-school activities, the month-long campaign aims to raise awareness that while lockdown and the pandemic has been hard going for many families and children, it’s been a lot more challenging for some families than others.

 “Families who were struggling to cope before the pandemic may have been pushed to crisis point during lockdown, and even the most settled families will have faced new challenges during this time.

 “Some children and young people may have experienced trauma for the first time, and some may have experienced neglect and abuse. This new campaign urges everyone to be alert to signs that all is not well for some children, and to take action if they’re worried that something is wrong.”

Find out what to do if you’re worried about that a child or young person is experiencing neglect, harm, abuse or exploitation at

School Gardens

Over lockdown and the summer holidays our school gardens have become very overgrown. Unfortunately, pupil gardens are not maintained by East Lothian Council – this has always been our own responsibility. We got on top of this last year and enjoyed our own harvests of radishes and lettuces etc. The weeds in our raised beds are now bigger than the children (and me)!

If you are a keen gardener and would be willing to drop into the grounds after school or over a weekend and have a bit of a clear – safely outdoors following the Covid rules – please give us a phone to arrange. If you can offer any help we would be very obliged.


As part of our school improvement plan we are developing the outdoor provision available for the children.  We have built up a good foundation of loose parts, and are sourcing further resources from local businesses, and available grants. To ensure we are following Covid 19 guidance, all classes now have an individual outdoor learning box. We are limiting shared resources to ensure safety. 

We are in need of the resources listed below, and are looking for donations of any of the listed items. Please have a look in sheds, garages or ask any friends or family that may have these unwanted items. Any donations will be quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours before use. 

  • Tarpaulin (or tents with a tarpaulin base)
  • Waterproof/plastic sheeting
  • Old pots and pans (no glass please)
  • Rope
  • Metal spoons (table/dessert/soup spoon size)
  • Unused paint brushes

Please hand in any small donations in a plastic bag with your child, for any larger items please contact the school office to arrange a time to drop off.

Many thanks
Loretto Primary