Consultation on Early Learning and Childcare

East Lothian Council  is consulting parents and carers on the future provision of early learning and childcare in Musselburgh, Haddington, North Berwick, Tranent and Dunbar and their surrounding areas.

The consultation has already taken place in the Prestonpans area.  

The consultations are all on the East Lothian Consultation Hub and run until 23rd October. They cover children’s age ranges up to 12 years old.  

Please take time to complete the consultation.


P2K share their books with the Nursery!

P2K went to the Nursery this morning to share the books they have written. Tyler explained that we had received a card from the author, Rebecca Colby. Katie read the story, ‘There was a Wee Lassie who Swallowed a Midgie’ to the nursery children. She did fantastically well! The P2K children then read their story to a child from the nursery. The nursery children were a super audience! P2K received delicious biscuits from the nursery children as a thank you. The nursery children did a super job of baking these and they were so good that I didn’t manage to take any pictures before they were all gone!

Global Citizenship


The P3 children displaying their learning about Nigeria


Parents attended the event and helped the children to make some crafts!

On 13th February, the children hosted a Global Citizenship Day. This was the culmination of a huge amount of learning and effort. Our thanks to Miss Kinsella and Mrs Hill who organised the day and the various activities for the children.
Global citizenship helps enable young people to develop skills and knowledge that allows them to actively engage with the world. Children are immersed in an approach that seeks to make the world a more just and sustainable place. Global citizenship is an ethos. At Loretto, we ensure that it is a whole school approach. Our event on 13th February involved members of the community and the wider world.
In order to prepare for the event, every class selected a different country.

Nursery- Scotland
P1- Poland
P2- China
P3- Germany
P3/4- Nigeria
P4/5- Italy
P6- Pakistan
P7- Ireland

Children investigated a range of different aspects of that country; everything from the history to currency! Children made comparisons between their selected nation and Scotland. As such, issues such as social justice and diversity were highlighted. Children spent time creating displays for the event. Queen Margaret University students also got involved by helping to prepare food from all over the world. Thank you to the students for their commitment to the project!
At the event, music from all over world filled the hall. Children and adults were encouraged to try out some of the food native to the selected countries. Classes put on various performances. Traditional dress was worn by many children. Adults asked questions about the children’s learning and it was wonderful to hear so many well researched answers.
Well done to all of the children and thank you to all who came along to the event!