Eco meeting Thursday 24th October 2013

Today in the Eco Committee the present reps and Mrs Capaldi talked about our litter themed Eco Week.
We came up with some great ideas like a no paper day, eco assembly, wrapper free themed break, recycled art scultpures etc.

Today we welcomed the new eco reps from primary 2 up (as primary 1 have still to choose there reps)
We handed out our lables and recycling and composting caddies.

The rotas for the plastic recycling, composting and paper recycling have been handed out to the teachers, they should be posted somewhere in the classroom where the eco reps can see them.
As you’ll probably know the Eco Committee have an Eco Code but we think it’s time to get something new so we came up with an idea to hold and eco code competition for a new one. The details are still to be confirmed when this will take place but the judging will be in the next eco meeting.

As usual every eco week once a year each class gets a turn at litter picking we hope you are looking as forward to it as we are!

By Niamh and Abby, P6

First Eco Committee meeting of 2013/14

The new class Eco Reps met today – they are Charlie and Scott (P2/3), Lucy C and Bruce (P5) Abby (P6) and Aidan and Tamara (p7).  Not all classes have elected yet and some were absent but everyone who was present was excited to be there and full of fantastic eco ideas to make Loretto green this year!

At our next meeting on 24th October, we will be planning our first eco week starting on November the 18th.  We would like to invite two or three parents to join our committe.  We meet once a month at Thursday lunchtime.  Please let Mrs Capaldi know if you’re willing.

Primary 7 have been working hard on Eco admin for the past few weeks. We are making labels for the classes for recycling boxes and doing the recycling until we get a timetable up and running that involves all eco reps.  We have a lot of fun ideas for the year ahead. 

Watch this space for news!

Thanks from Aidan and the Eco Committe


Thank you from the Eco Group!

Thanks to all parents who sent in their Christmas cards for recycling.  We collected a massive 2765 cards.  Take a look at our photos below to see how we counted them.  We decided to put them into piles of 20 and then count up all the piles at the end.  There were soo many that we nearly ran out of space in the spare classroom.  All the tables and lots of the floor was covered in our piles of cards.  Whilst we were counting we discussed  how much money had been spent on buying and posting the cards and how much paper had been used.  We reckoned it must have been hundreds of  pounds. This made us think about how we could be more Eco friendly with our Christmas cards in future.  We came up with some ideas –

  • P5 cut up some of their cards for art work.  We will ask all classes to do this next year.
  • We will ask all children to only give 1 card to their class instead of writing individual ones for everyone in the class.
  • We will ask parents again next year to recycle their cards with us.

Enjoy our slideshow!

Eco Committee



Eco Group – Recycling Xmas Cards on PhotoPeach


P6 are organising a whole school Book Swap on Friday 8th June at 11 am.
The swap is in aid of children’s charity Aberlour which provides a range of services and support for vulnerable children and their families.
Pupils wishing to participate pay 50p for the book swap. Each pupil is encouraged to bring in a book (or books) they no longer wish to read and swap with a classmate. Literacy skills can be developed by sharing stories and discovering new ones.
Our school will receive a certificate and also the chance, if our name is selected, to receive a visit from an exciting children’s author.

Eco Week!

The Eco Committee met today to reflect back on last week’s Eco Week. We were all in agreement that it was a real success! Highlights included the Animal Man’s amazing reptiles, the whole school Litter pick-up, the mini-beast hunt and talks about recycling and making pretty things from old things. We also discovered that there were lots of fun activities happening in various classrooms, including: designing Eco Warrior posters in P6; making mini-beasts from clay in P1; measuring the circumference of trees in P4; surveys about wrapper-free snacks in P3; and P1 and P7 worked together to make animals from recycled materials. What a great week. Photos to follow!

Eco Update

We are proud to tell you that Eco Week is just round the corner. We will be having a Eco assembly on Thursday 26th of April. We are busy making posters to put up around the school to tell the rest of the school when the assembly is. We will also be doing a whole school litter pick up on Tusday so Mums and Dad please send your child with a pair of old gloves because we don’t have a picker for every one! Also, please make sure that you reduce possible litter in your child lunch box because it is the wrapper free snacks week!!!

More information about other events/activities to follow!

By Frankie, Olivia & Jacob

Fairtrade Fortnight

Our first Fairtrade footsteps

During Fairtrade fortnight, Loretto made its first steps to becoming a Fairtrade school.  The children from P4-7 took part in a Fairtrade poster competition at the Brunton Hall.  All Musselburgh schools entered posters and we won six out of the possible eight prizes!  Well done to all the pupils who took part, but especially to Owen and Abby in P4, Callum and Sean in P5, and Nathan and Adrianna in P6.  They received their prizes at our Fairtrade assembly led by Sandra Marshall from the Small World Shop in Prestonpans.  She spoke to the whole school about the different kinds of Fairtrade goods available and about the benefits that Fairtrade farmers and their families have.  We finished off the fortnight with our very first Fairtrade tuck shop on Friday led by Mrs Baker and some of the P6 children.  There will be further opportunities to buy Fairtrade snacks later in the year.  The Eco Committee hope to host a tuck shop at the end of Eco Week in April.  Also, P1 say thank you for all the wrappers that children from various classes collected.  We made a collage that will start our Fairtrade display in the lunch hall.

The prize winners and Sandra Marshall


Eco meeting on the 7th of March

Today at the eco meeting Miss Capaldi  talked to us  about having an eco week. We are going to be having  a whole school assembly,an eco logo competition, a whole school litter pick up,  wrapper free snacks and much more. We shared our ideas for the eco week and came up with a couple.  Two people counted out the ink cartages from the photocopying room but got covered in ink.

By Ceri-Ann p5

Feburary eco committee meeting

The eco comomittee have been working on keeping our school and our playground eco tidy.We are trying to achive  our silver award by doing a environmental  review.Today we have been working on our action plan and our composting and paper  reycling rota.  We are giving the younger ones a chance to see how we do the composting.  They all said it was ‘disgusting’! we may do a eco assembly in aprill as part of our eco week.

Nathan callaghan & Dillon thomson  & olivia P3