Summer Fair

Lorettto’s Summer Fair is happening on Saturday the 6th of June. Many of the classes are getting themselves organised to have a stall at the Fair. Mrs Brown has been coming into our classroom to help us plant and grow some herbs and plants. They are really beginning to get bigger! We have still got a lot of things to do to prepare for the fair, it’s hard work but we are enjoying it! The next thing is designing and decorating pots for people to buy so that their plants look good.

Please come along to the Summer Fair. There will be plenty of things for you to do. We might even have a barbeque! Yum, Yum! For more information about the Fair have a look at the school’s notice board and the posters around the school, they will tell you all you need to know!

Hope to see you there,

Primary 6

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At the summer fair on 6th June, the Eco Committee would like to have a second hand toy stall.  If you have any unwanted toys or games (complete and in good condition) hand them in to your class eco rep over the coming weeks. 

Remember that we also have a recycled toy competition on the go!  There have already been some fabulous creations (made entirely from recycled objects) submitted.  Be sure to have yours in by the end of May.


John Muir Birthplace Visit

On Thursday 30th April, Primary 5 travelled to Dunbar to visit John Muir’s birthplace.  They had a fantastic time exploring the museum and finding out many new facts about John Muir’s fascinating life.

Did you know?

John Muir once went camping at Yosemite with President Roosevelt.

John Muir walked 1000 miles across America from Kentucky to the Bay of Mexico.

John Muir invented many things including a ‘loafer’s chair’ which fired a gun shot if anyone got too comfortable loafing!

House Winners (Easter Egg Hunt)

Before the Easter holidays, St Patricks were the proud winners of the House Prize for the second time running! Everyone had a super time taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt organised by Miss Fitzpatrick and Miss Pottie. Many thanks to Mr Bonner and Mrs Mohammad for hiding the eggs and for helping out.

Primary 5 Litter Project

Before the Easter holidays P5 took part in a mini project about litter.  They split into groups and were asked to research one aspect of litter and create a presentation about it.  The results were fantastic!  The class created models (including a zoo and a forest), powerpoint presentations, poems, stories, gameshows, banners and much more!  The class learned about recycling, the effects of litter on animals, how to help the litter problem and what types of litter are found on beaches and in forests.

Primary 5 also spent time picking up litter from the playground and found over 250 pieces of litter, including plastic, sweetie wrappers, drinks cans and even a fork and spoon!  The class recorded the amount and the types of litter found and displayed them in colourful graphs!  The class have also been using ICT to design posters to stop people dropping litter in and around the school!



The winner of the Number Phrases Quiz recently run by the Parent Council was won by Kirsty Ross.  Well done to Kirsty who wins the £25 cash prize!  Thanks to everyone who bought a quiz sheet for their support.  If you want to check your answers click here: quiz-sheet.


Edinburgh Zoo

On Thursday 2nd of April 2009, Primary 7 went to Edinburgh Zoo. We were learning about the cycle of life with Primary 6 class. In the morning, Primary 6 and 7s got to go round the zoo in two different groups.

We saw the lemurs – they were so cute. We saw a type of deer and it was adorable but my favourite part was the budongo trail, it showed a lot of cheeky monkeys swinging around. Also there were monkey smells and we smelt them then it told us what it was. It was great seeing them.


After lunch, our instructor Ruth collected us and we set off to see some animals. First we saw the penguins, it was the season for them to nest and lay their eggs. Afterwards we saw the Indian Rhinos, there were two – they were both boys. They had a big creak in their enclosure, they liked to sunbathe. Then we went to see the gibbons, the mother is called Lucy she is an orange colour and the dad is black and called John. We went into the monkey house to see some monkeys we saw the cutest baby monkey.

After we went back to the education centre and they showed us a video about the cycle of life. It was a great experience all together and the funniest bit had to be the bird landing on Abbie’s head, it was funny!

By Shannon F, Shannon M and Abbie.

The most intresing facts we discovered are:

‘The gibbons sing to  each other’ – Samantha and Marnie.

‘Learning about male and female Rhinos’ – Shannon F

‘Watching penguins steal stones for thier own nest’ – Amy

‘The baby elephant grows in its mum for 2 years’ – Gavin, Holly, Daniel, Ivanna and Christie

‘The female gibbons change colour as they grow older’ – Bianka

‘How penguins greet one another’ – Ryan A

‘You can get albino penguins’ – Taila

‘The Indian Rhino is in danger’ – Abbie

Workout for LEPRA

On Thursday 19th March Wendy came in to talk to the school about LEPRA and how they help people suffering from leprosy get better and have a normal life. She told us that if we could raise £21 we could save someones life. We all took home envelopes and tried to raise as much money as possible. Lepra came back on the 30th of March to find out how much we had raised, we also had a sponsored aerobic workout, it was alot of fun. Some people raised astonishing amounts of money – we look forward to finding out the total!!!

By Marie , Bianka and Chloe P .

P7 Regional Tag Rugby Tournament

On Wednesday 25th March, Primary 7 took part in a Tag Rugby Tournament at Meadowmill.  In our group we had to play Sandersons Wynd, East Linton, Cockenzie and Whitcraig.  We never managed to make it through to the semi finals but we all played really well, kept our chins up and loved every moment.

By Nathan Stokes


The nursery children learn about composting

To help the nursery children understand why we put things in the compost bucket, 2 members of the Eco Comittee came to talk to the afternoon group.  Hannah and Marie explained to the children what can and can’t go into the green compost bucket in the nursery.  We then went with them to the big compost bin in the woods.  We saw the compost at the bottom of the bin and Marie tipped our fruit and vegetable waste into the bin.  The buckets have to be cleaned, and we watched the girls wash them out.  We helped by drying the buckets.

We are going to try and cut down on the fruit and vegetables that go into the compost bucket, by choosing our snack carefully.  We are going to all try to remember to put our fruit and vegetable waste into the compost bucket, and not in the bin.