2008 Christmas Fair – Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved in the Christmas Fair, from organising and helping on the day to those that attended, baked, donated items and helped to make this years the most successful fair ever. We raised an astonishing £2047.16!!!!! This doesn’t include the amounts raised by the P7 towards their tranpsort costs for their camp and the very successful P5 Look The Cook Book.

A huge thank you as well from the Parent Council to all the local people and businesses who donated some amazing gifts for the raffle prizes, the winners of which are listed below.

£50 cash – Danny (Nursery a.m.)
100 photography voucher – Louise Williams
Luxury Food Hamper – Adam (P1F)
Food Hamper – Jack (P4)
Food Hamper – Ayla and Murray Grant
Pamper Hamper – Audrey Peter
Round of Golf for 4 at Monktonhall – Kasey (P1P)
Round of Golf for 4 at Craigielaw – Abby (P1P)
£30 voucher for Restaurant 102 – Glynnis Boyle
Meal for 2 at the Quay – Niamh (P1F)
Voucher for Callum Grant Hairdressers – Hannah (P5)
Family Pass for Dynamic Earth – Nathan (P7)
£20 vouchers for Marks and Spencers – Alex (P1P)
£30 Tesco’s vouchers – M.Kraske
Royal Musselburgh Golf Club Malt Whiskey – Joe (P4)
B&Q Cordless Drill – Beth (P1P)
£15 vouchers for Fords the Bakers – Lucy (P5)
Flower arrangement from Flowercraft – Beth (P2)
Chocolate Hamper – Judith Hunter
Luca’s voucher – Joanna (P1P)
Luca’s voucher – F McGilliveray
Luca’s voucher – Shona Garrity
Luca’s voucher – Liam (P2/3)
Family Swim Pass – Gavin (P7)
Family Swim Pass – Caitlin (P1P)
Family Swim Pass – John Brown
Bottle of whiskey – Liam (P2/3)
Bottle of wine – Chloe (P7)
Mulled wine – Alex (P1F)

Thank you everyone … see you next year

P6 Christmas Charity Enterprise

Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

Over the past few days P6 have been working very hard to prepare for our fundraising event that is taking place on Wednesday the 17th of December. We have made many things such as calenders, activity books, pictures, dog masks and we have been baking with Mrs Gaunt in the nursery so that we have baking for everyone to buy. We have also organised a raffle and games for all the children in the school to play and the P6 parents and families. We loved baking so much, while doing it we were learning about tessellation, weight and following instructions!

“The baking was great fun” – Ronan
“I really, really enjoyed it” – Aine B
“I’d love to go back to the nursery to bake” – Jamie
“That was amazing” – Kieran
“I wish that we could turn one of the extra classrooms into a kitchen then we could cook more often and we would learn more” – Aidan

Below are some photos of us enjoying ourselves with Mrs Gaunt in the nursery.


We have been busy writing letters to our parents to ask them to come to the fun day between 11am and 12 noon on Wednesday the 17th of December. We have also asked them to bake for us so that we can sell the cakes and biscuits to raise as much money as possible to help get dogs trained to make the life of deaf people easier on a daily basis.


We have also been around the school putting up posters to remind everyone about all the things that we will be selling and doing. We have visited all the classes to show them the items they can buy and the games that they can play and we are making a big point of reminding everyone to please make a big effort to dress as a dog for £1.00 – we think it would be great to see all the pupils and teachers of Loretto dressed as dogs!

Have a look at P6 in action preparing for our Enterprise Event below.

Children Helping Children

Handing over our cheque

P7 were proud to welcome Joseph McGrath from Missio Scotland to speak to the school in late November.  He spoke about his experiences in Uganda and how the money raised in our October fundraiser during Mission Week would be spent.  We handed over a cheque for £300!

Badminton Club

Standing readyThe tournament winnersTeam work

Over the last five weeks, some children from P5 and P6 have been taking part in a badminton club.  They have learned to control the shuttle, to return shots, to rally and ultimately to play a game of doubles.  They finished with a mini tournament yesterday evening.  Everyone has had a super time, worked very hard and improved their skills.

Serving with careReturning a shot

Miss Pottie and Mrs Capaldi would like to say a huge well done to all the boys and girls for trying their hardest!

P1F Enterprise – tartan day

On Friday 28th of November P1F organised a tartan day to raise money for the Children 1st charity. We asked all the staff and pupils to wear a piece of tartan to school and bring in a donation for the charity.  Some people wore  ribbons in their hair or pinned tartan badges to their jumpers and we even had a few people wearing kilts and tartan pinafores.  P1F also entertained their parents that morning with some Scottish songs, poems and dances.  We managed to raise £110.  Thank you to everyone who took part in our tartan day and made a donation to our chosen charity.

Donald where\'s yer troosers!Wee Willie Winkie

Exploring the Universe

This morning, P7 had a visit from the Royal Observatory.  We took part in an activity where we had to list in order of closeness some objects in the universe like planets, galaxies etc.  We then had to do some challenging maths to discover the distances between the different places.

Arranging the cards

“I learned that Hayley’s comet was last seen in 1986.” – Marie

“I learned that if you went into a black hole, you’d stretch like spaghetti!” – Talia

“I learned that Pluto is no longer considered a planet because it is too small.” – Chloe P

“I learned that you can actually see a comet in the sky without a telescope.” – Holly

“I learned that the distance between the earth and the moon is a light second – 300 000km.” – Mrs C

“I learned that the universe could go on forever!” – Daniel

P1F Autumn walk

P1F had a visit from 2 East Lothian countryside rangers. We went out to the woods at the back of the school and looked for all the signs of autumn. We collected Autumn leaves to make Autumn crowns and we did some bark rubbings. We learned about the different trees that we have in our school grounds.

P6 Enterprise ‘Hearing Dogs for the Deaf’

A few weeks ago P6 invited Mrs Janie McGregor into the school to talk to everyone about the charity that she works for called ‘Hearing Dogs for the Deaf’.
Today Janie and her two chocolate labradors called Coco and Nell came to our school assembly. Fraser and Kieran introduced our Christmas charity by talking about the enterprise day that P6 are organising. All that we raise will go to help train dogs, 75% of which are rescue dogs! Janie told us how the dogs can help deaf people, we found out that through touch the dogs are telling its owner that there is someone at the door, someone on the phone or even when the toast is ready! We also learned that these dogs can save their owner’s life by lying at their feet, that indicates to the owner that there is danger in the form of a fire.
These are some opinions from P6 about how we felt about seeing the dogs and hearing what Janie had to say:

We thought that the dogs were very clever. By Leia & Lauren

We felt very happy because less dogs are being abandoned and being trained to be hearing dogs. By Patricia and Shannon.

I thought it was very interesting,i want to earn as much money as possible! By Megan.

Janie told us that dogs for deaf people have to be trained a lot to do their job. by Josh Aidan and Ronan.

We will keep you updated about the events taking place on Wednesday the 17th of December.

Thank you