The Parent Council would like to give all parents notice that they will be holding their AGM on Thursday 17 June 2010 at 6.30pm.  At this meeting we will communicate our Parent Council and Treasurer’s Reports and any other business from the Parent Body.  The election of Office Bearers and Class Representatives will also take place.  All parents are welcome to attend either to participate, observe or volunteer to join the PC.  We look forward to seeing you all then.


Firefighters’ Visit – Nursery Afternoon Group

White Watch from Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service returned to Loretto with their fire appliance to visit the afternoon group.  The children had fun with the hosepipes again!  Mrs Gaunt got to put on the breathing apparatus this time – the children laughed because they thought she looked very funny! 

For those who think this looks like great fun and would like to meet some firefighters, Red Watch are planning to be at the school summer fair on Saturday 5th June!

Nursery Police Visit

Sergeant Broadhurst visited both the morning and afternoon groups.  He talked to the children about keeping themselves safe.  He showed them the different parts of his uniform and some children tried on the hat and coat.  We all shouted hello into the radio.  Some children had a go at sitting in the back of the police van, and most had a go at sitting in the driver’s seat and putting on the sirens!  It was really noisy!


Julia Donaldson Live BBC

Julia Donaldson Live BBC



P4 watched Julia Donaldson live on BBC Authors live. She wrote some of the following books like The Gruffalo ,The Gruffalos Child, Stick Man, Monkey Puzzle and The Snail And The Whale .Julia

Plays guitar and she wanted to be an actress.I like Julia’s books because she puts it into poetry.




Liam P4

P4 Class Communion

On Sunday 23rd of May my class friends were making their First Holy Communion .I wore my blue dress with white flowers .I went over to

the church and waited for my friends to come

I watched them come down in their       kilts and

dresses .They looked lovely They sang the Gospel

and they said prayers from the microphone.

Me and my sister went for a blessing.

A special breakfast had been prepared for us.

We had ham rolls and cakes .I felt happy.

I was thrilled to see my friends on the altar on

their special day.

Paulina’s communion day

On Sunday the 23rd of May  I was rushing because I woke up late. I was happy because it was my Holy Communion day. Quickly I said. I got dressed in my Holy Communion dress and my white shoes.

I felt really happy.

I was a bit embarrassed because I came into the church instead of the church hall.  Then Rachel’s  mum showed me the way. I  looked amazed at how people looked and how my friends looked


Then the altar servers  came to get us. Then we to the  church. Me Rachel and the two Nathans did the actions for Father we love you and cannon did the reading. Then Christian and Sean did the main reading.Me  Liam Rachel and Jessica sang My shepherd is the lord. Afterwards the children did the prayers.


Then the altar servers came and brought us to the room where they get changed  because we had to get our pictures done. I felt famous



Then we had our breakfast and first we had to have a roll then  we could have a cake. Afterwards Rachel’s mum took pictures of us. Then one of the ladies took me and Wojtek to give presents to Mrs Graham and cannon. I felt great.

Musselburgh Museum

Primary 3 started their new topic today on Musselburgh.  We had two visitors to help us today.  Mrs Henderson told us all about the new Musselburgh Museum and the kind of things that will be in it.  She showed us clothes that schoolchildren wore 100 years ago and lots of other old objects.  Sarah Cowie came in and showed us how we could set up our own mini-museum in the class.  She showed us how to examine objects and work out what they were.  We wrote labels for lots of different objects that she brought in.  Some of them were old toys and some were for housework or schools.

We will be trying to make our own museum of things we find out about in our Musselburgh topic.


My Holy Communion by Matthew Mangan

On Sunday I made my holy communion. It was a long time we were there. Sometimes I had to go to the back of the church. Then we went to the hall to have breakfast. Then I went over to my mum. I took some photos of everything around me. Later on I got the paddling pool out. I bounced on the trampoline played in the pool and ate things. I showed my little brother how the water gets out the hose. later I got my clothes on and went inside to watch the telly.

The Shrinking Person by Martin McMahon Primary 4

In our class we have been writing stories about shrinking characters. This is mine. It all started at my house. I was making a shrinking machine when suddenly a bunny came. He was wearing a red coat and a watch. He went down a bunny hole. I tried the shrinking machine. It worked! I followed him down the hole. I fell and fell and fell until I got to the bottom. The bunny was waiting for me. The bunny had a key for the door. I went through with the bunny. Wow! I said. It’s a garden.