Health Week

There is a Health Week planned for the first week in May. (3rd-6th May 2011) During this week the whole school will be taking part in healthy activities, from eating healthy foods to learning about the benefits of regular exercise. We also hope to be able to offer two evening sessions, that would be open to all. If there are any parents who feel they could lead a group in any way, please let us know. If you are skilled in any aspect of sport, fitness or exercise, we would be happy to hear from you.

Loretto Bus Code

A copy of the Loretto Bus Code has gone home with every child who takes the school bus to and from school. This code reminds everyone how to be safe when travelling on a bus. If anyone would like a copy of the code there are some copies in the school office.

Watery fun at nursery!

We have been having lots of fun using water, pieces of guttering and pipes at nursery. The children have been problem solving to get the water to run down the pipes, and working out ways to catch the water at the bottom. They have been investigating forces by rolling balls, cars and bottles down the pipes.

We are still seeking lots more bottle crates, bread baskets, and a variety of tubes to add to our growing collection of practical resources. We are also looking for some small tyres that the children can move around the playground, such as those from quad bikes or go-karts. Please let us know if you can help.

Here are some photos of the children using the resources:


This week we have been learning our times tables.  We have been playing times table games to help us.  We have been learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and also the 3 times table which we found a bit tricky.  In Maths, we have also been learning about Time.  We have been learning o’clock, half-past, quarter past and quarter to.  We got  to go out to the playground to make a big clock.

In our topic we have been learning about rain forest animals.  Some of the animals we spoke about were leopards, tigers, monkeys, gorillas, pandas and parrots.  The rain forest is very wet as it rains there quite a lot but it is also very hot.  We learned that people wanted to cut the trees down to make money and this is destroying the forest and the home of  the animals.

We had a Good New Assembly last week and Charlotte got a certificate for being ‘Star Reader’.

By Charlotte & Sean

Quiz Night

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the first Loretto Quiz Night on Friday 1st April, the first of what we hope will now become an annual event. The night was a complete sell-out and it was fantastic so see such support from teachers, parents, friends and pupils alike. Ticket sales, along with the raffle, teas and coffee and a great game of ‘Heads and Tails’, helped us raise the magnificent sum of £501.70, which will be put towards the school playground fund.

A special well done to the winning team “The Starlets” – consisting of Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Dalglish, Mrs Gaunt, Mrs Gill, Mrs Hill and Miss Wood

Thank you everyone


In Primary 3 we have been making rainbows with pots of gold at the end of them.  We made these because it was St Patrick’s day and we were talking about Leprechauns.  Leprechauns guard the pot of gold at the end of the rainbows.

Last Friday we had a dress down day and we got to wear our pyjamas.  This was to remind us to put our clocks forward at the weekend.  We all lost 1hr sleeping time!

We have also been learning how to write headlines.  Last week we wrote headlines about the Titantic using ‘illiteration’.  This is when all the words start with the same letter.  Our favourite one was ‘TINY THOMAS TERRIFIED ON THE TITANTIC’.

By Anna & Blayr


This Friday will be a dress down day but not just an ordinary dress down day.   Are you all remembering to put your clock forward this weekend?   We will all have an hour’s less sleep on Saturday night… to remind you all to get to bed early we are having a ‘Pyjama’ dress down day this Friday.  Everyone can wear their PJ’s to school and remember it will cost you £1 to take part!

We will also be reopening our Burger stall this month and burgers/cheeseburgers will be available at lunchtime from the back door of the dining hall.  Burgers £1.50/Cheeseburgers £1.60 with all proceeds from the dress down and burgers going towards our playground project.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Loretto RC Parent Council

PS. Tickets (£2 each) are still available for our Family Quiz Night on Friday 1 April.  Donations of raffle prizes would also be most welcome.  Please hand in any donations to the school office.  Thank you!!



Primary 3 visited the Museum of Flight last Tuesday.  We saw Concorde there.  Concorde was the fastest plane in the world but it doesn’t fly anymore.  We got to go onboard the Concorde.  It is a very slim plane and is quite tiny inside.  We also got to see inside the cockpit which has thousands of buttons.  We also saw lots of other planes including a rescue plane, which was painted lime green.  We really enjoyed our trip to the Museum of Flight.

On Friday Primary 3 went to Pinkie Playing Fields for a Football  Festival.  The class was divided into 2 teams.  We played lots of mini games of football against other schools.  Alex’s team won 3 matches and Niamh’s team won 4 matches.  We all came back very mucky but we all had a great time!

By Alex & Niamh