Chicks, minibeasts and seed planting!

P1 have been learning all about Living Things this term. Last week, we planted sunflower seeds and we’re waiting for them to grow! We are beginning to get excited because some shoots beginning to sprout. In Maths we’ve been learning about shape and symmetry and have made pretty butterflies. We have also made minibeasts from clay and once they had dried, we painted them carefully. However, the highlight of this week was seeing the newly hatched chicks in the P1/2 classroom. Here are some pictures of the things we’ve been up to so far in our topic.

Goodbye Mrs Graham

This week the whole school are planning a special farewell to Mrs Graham. We are going to miss her. There will be an assembly on Thursday and a mass on Friday morning.  At the assembly children will share their memories of Mrs Graham. There will be some singing and hopefully not too many tears! By Connor and  Sasha Primary 3

Quiz Night Brainboxes

A huge thank you to all those that took part in the 2nd annual school quiz and a very well done to the winning team – 3 Generations, which included Thomas, Alex and Grace Courtney.

Everyone who attended had a great time and it was lovely to see so many families taking part.

We raised over £520 on the night which is fantastic and will be put towards buying a new sound system for the school

Thanks everyone

Nursery Questionnaire – Summary of Feedback

Lots of the nursery parents completed our questionnaire, earlier in the year.
Many thanks to those who took the time to do so, it has been very helpful for us.
As well as receiving many lovely comments about the nursery, your feedback helps us to improve the service we provide.
It’s taken us a while to summarise the responses, though we have already been acting on many of the points raised and suggestions made.

You can see the summary of feedback by clicking here Loretto Nursery Questionnaire 2011-2012 – summary of responses

Eco Week!

The Eco Committee met today to reflect back on last week’s Eco Week. We were all in agreement that it was a real success! Highlights included the Animal Man’s amazing reptiles, the whole school Litter pick-up, the mini-beast hunt and talks about recycling and making pretty things from old things. We also discovered that there were lots of fun activities happening in various classrooms, including: designing Eco Warrior posters in P6; making mini-beasts from clay in P1; measuring the circumference of trees in P4; surveys about wrapper-free snacks in P3; and P1 and P7 worked together to make animals from recycled materials. What a great week. Photos to follow!

Planting and Growing in the Nursery

The children have been interested in planting and growing. We planted some seeds in magic pots that got bigger when they went in water! We are going to sell the seedlings to raise some money for the charity Water Aid. Primary 1/2 came to help us plant some flowers in pots for the nursery garden. They had written some instructions that helped us. We wrote some of our own instructions afterwards. Mrs Baker read us all a really lovely story by Eric Carle, called ‘The Tiny Seed’. We have made our own garden centre in the nursery and are having fun buying flowers and garden accessories, and taking orders on the telephone.

Letter from The Queen

Our class wrote letters to the Queen to say we hope you enjoy your Jubilee Year and that you have an exciting time. This was a while ago and we had almost forgotten that we had written them. So it was a nice surprise when The Queen wrote back. Our teacher opened the package and inside there was a letter thanking us for our letters and lots of leaflets, information and pictures of The Queen. Some of the pictures are when The Queen was younger and some are how she looks today. The special message from Buckingham Palace said, “I send you my grateful thanks for the words of loyalty and support which you have so kindly sent on the occasion of the Sixtieth Anniversary of my Accession to the Throne.” Our favourite part of the package was all the lovely, colourful pictures. By Danny and Sinead Primary 3


Today we started our new online photo journal on the Blipfoto site.
Blipfoto is a way to tell the story of our school, using photos. We aim to upload one photo a day to create a picture of the life of our school. Using the calendar on the site, anyone can look at the photo of that day and see what was going on in school.
Please use the link below to take a look.

We hope you enjoy it.
ICT Group

P7 Soup Kitchen – Thank you!

Many thanks to all who helped make the Primary 7 fundraiser such a successful event.  We raised £158 for school camp. I’m sure all our customers were impressed with the high standard of cuisine.

The Primary 7 children did a fantastic job helping to serve customers, sell tablet, clear tables, and even wash dishes, all done with great enthusiasm!

Thanks also to Tesco Musselburgh for their kind donations.

P7 Parents