Vision, Values and Aims of Loretto RC

Vision, Values and Aims

Believe and Achieve!”


At Loretto, our vision is that we help each other to be all we can be: where God’s love is shown through all that we do and say, so we all may believe in ourselves and achieve every day.


At Loretto, we follow our Gospel values of love, hope, faith, forgiveness, truth, peace and equality. This helps us to live and learn together and share our individual gifts from God.



At Loretto, we aim to:

  • share an exciting, challenging, meaningful range of learning experiences.
  • encourage all children to aim high. 
  • help and support each other in all we do.
  • create a community of faith and learning which is safe, caring and welcoming to others.
  • develop as a community of faith and learning through partnership with Home, School, Parish, Local and Global connections.


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