Maths and Numeracy Family Fun Homework

Answers to Maths homework

I hope everyone enjoyed this challenge! We have had many interesting discussions in the school about this! We hope the final clue released on Wednesday helped to solve the last puzzle.

  1. How far can you travel in 3 hours? Think about how you are travelling… are you going to walk, run, drive, go on a train, use a bus? It’s up to you! Google maps is a useful tool for this question on speed, distance and time.

Some children reached Italy! It was wonderful to see the mixture of travelling modes. Many children used a variety of methods including walking to the train station and then taking the train. Some children even factored in bus delays! Well done everyone!


  1. How many triangles can you see?
  2. There are 11 triangles
  3. How many squares can you see?
  4. There are 17 squares
  5. What number do all of the digits on the telephone add up to?



  1. How many minutes are in a year?

525, 600

Leap year: 527040


  1. Each shape stands for a number. The numbers shown are the totals of the line of four numbers in the row or column. Find the remaining totals.

The circle has a value of 5, the triangle has a value of 8, the club has a value of 6.