Numbers, Numbers Everywhere!

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What a fantastic start to our Maths and Numeracy week. Today the children across the school engaged in a paired number bond activity. We like to call it Number Bond Buddies!
The P7 children were paired with the P1 children. Mrs Hill and Miss O’ Regan brought the children outside to the basketball court. Each child had their name and a certain number of dots on a badge. They ran about until an adult called a number. Then the P7 and P1 children came together to form that number. The children had to learn how to identify the number of dots really quickly!
After the children found someone to pair up with to make the number, the older children helped the younger children to write the number sentence on the ground. It was so wonderful to see all of the work displayed so quickly!
The teachers did test the children’s skills by asking for numbers that required some subtraction work.
Well done to the P7 and P1 children!
We look forward to speaking to other children in the school and find out how they got on during the Number Bond Buddy Session!