Maths and Numeracy Family Fun Homework

Answers to Maths homework

I hope everyone enjoyed this challenge! We have had many interesting discussions in the school about this! We hope the final clue released on Wednesday helped to solve the last puzzle.

  1. How far can you travel in 3 hours? Think about how you are travelling… are you going to walk, run, drive, go on a train, use a bus? It’s up to you! Google maps is a useful tool for this question on speed, distance and time.

Some children reached Italy! It was wonderful to see the mixture of travelling modes. Many children used a variety of methods including walking to the train station and then taking the train. Some children even factored in bus delays! Well done everyone!


  1. How many triangles can you see?
  2. There are 11 triangles
  3. How many squares can you see?
  4. There are 17 squares
  5. What number do all of the digits on the telephone add up to?



  1. How many minutes are in a year?

525, 600

Leap year: 527040


  1. Each shape stands for a number. The numbers shown are the totals of the line of four numbers in the row or column. Find the remaining totals.

The circle has a value of 5, the triangle has a value of 8, the club has a value of 6.



Today we were very lucky to have a visit from the SSPCA. They visited classes throughout the school and had a talk in the hall for children in P1- P3.
We all learnt the difference between the RSPCA and the SSPCA. The RSPCA work in England and Wales and the SSPCA is the organisation that covers animal welfare in Scotland.
The education officers that visited us showed us pictures of animals that their organisation had saved. It was wonderful to see photos of the animals before and after their involvement.
Throughout the sessions, discussion was encouraged and we had the chance to talk about our ideas about animal welfare and animal cruelty. It really gave us food for thought. Taking care of an animal requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Football Fun!

IMG_6253 IMG_6258

What a great afternoon was had by all! All children worked hard during the week to get their football stalls ready. Well done to all of the classes who created some very imaginative games!
The excitement was wonderful on the football pitch as the P6 boys rose to the challenge and won the game against the P7 boys. Well done to both teams who displayed many of the qualities of good sports people. Also a big thank you to Mr Bonner who coached both teams, organised the match and awarded the Jordan Houston cup. Your help and support of the football means a lot to everyone!
Beth Broadhurst was thrilled to win the Jordan Houston award. She has worked tirelessly throughout the year to ensure that she improves by listening to feedback from her coach.
Thank you to all for your support, I hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Den Day P1-P7

IMG_6204 IMG_6208 IMG_6210 IMG_6212 IMG_6214 IMG_6217

Den Day was a great experience for all of the children to create shelters. It helped us all to understand the harsh realities that children from all over the world face daily. We thought especially about the boys and girls in Nepal and their living conditions following the earthquakes there.
The groups for Den Day were made up of children from P1 to P7. We worked with children from our houses. It was great fun to work with children of all different ages. It also helped us to improve our team work skills as we learnt how to negotiate with children of all ages.
Touring the dens was a wonderful opportunity to observe how other children used similar resources in a different way. We were able to go inside some dens and look around. Other dens were too small to accommodate an entire class!
We are very grateful for the opportunity to make dens. Thank you all for your help and participation!

Here is a link to the Den Day page…

World Book Day

P7 dressed as their favourite book characters even for Music!

P7 dressed as their favourite book characters even for Music!

P2M did a great job today! Well done!

P2M did a great job today! Well done!

P4/5 had a rather unusual teacher today? Can you see Mrs Clarke?

P4/5 had a rather unusual teacher today? Can you see Mrs Clarke?

P1 all posed for a photo!

P1 all posed for a photo!

P3 did some pop up reading!

P3 did some pop up reading!

P2K worked hard to do their reading today

P2K worked hard to do their reading today

Where's Wally?!

Where’s Wally?!



Did you know that World Book Day is the biggest celebration of its kind, designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, and marked in over 100 countries all over the world? This is the 18th year there’s been a World Book Day!
At Loretto, we certainly celebrated World Book Day! This a day that encourages anyone and everyone to read and really get lost in a good book. We have devoted a large part of our day to books! Children participated in a variety of different activities that encouraged them to think about books, talk about books and have extra time to read books!
The day started off with the staff going to meet the children in their lines. It was wonderful to see so many children dressed up as their favourite book characters. Superheroes, princes and princesses, Harry Potters, Cats in Hats, Boys in Girls’ Dresses and even a Demon Dentist made an appearance. We all just knew that today was going to be a magical day when we really made the characters come to life.
Children all worked hard to make a “Bookworm” for the school dinner hall. Every child completed a book review based on their favourite book. When all of the reviews were put together, a bookworm was created. How wonderful it is to see the vast array of books and the children’s opinions!
Mrs Ross (aka Elphaba) was so busy today. She rang a bell every so often and when we heard it, we all stopped whatever we were doing and read our book. This pop up reading was so much fun. It taught us all that we need to make time for reading.
Well done to everyone who helped to make today a truly magical experience. We are already thinking about our costumes for next year!

Every child was given a book token. Please see below for information on how to use this token.

Book Tokens:
Thanks to the generosity of National Book Tokens Ltd, publishers and booksellers, we can send millions of book vouchers to children and young people (more than 14 million, in fact: that’s one for nearly every child aged under eighteen in the country).
They can take their voucher to a local bookseller and can use it to pick one of TEN (exclusive, new and completely free) books. Or, if they’d rather, they can use it to get £1 off any book or audio book costing over £2.99 at a participating bookshop or book club (terms and conditions apply).