Macmerry Bookparty go to The Book Festival

P1-4 went to The Book Festival in Charlotte Square in Edinburgh in September.  Good thing that I came across, so we could rent a bus on time. We went to a presentation by Thomas Docherty.  He is an author and illustrator who has written a few books for children, including Little Boat, To The Beach and Big Scary Monster.  He told us the stories and showed us how he did the drawings.  We had a good day out, but we were disappointed that the book shop was so crowded we didn’t have time to buy a book.


Yesterday we went on the bus to the book Festival.  First we had our lunch, then we had a treasure hunt and then we went to see Thomas Docherty.  He told us about the Little Boat.  It was a good story.


I liked the book club, I liked the others. P1/2 P3/4 liked the other books.  I liked the monster books we all liked the books, I would like to buy one of your books.  I would like to meet you again.


I went on the bus with my partner, her name was Niamh.  When we got of the bus we had our lunch.  I had a sandwich.  We went to see Thomas Docherty he was an illustrator and a writer.  He read his stories to us.  They were called The Little Boat, On the Beach and The Big Scary Monster.  I liked the Little Boat because he was a good actor.