Macmerry Ace Day!!!(MAD Day)

One Friday a month we have a MAD day which stands for Macmerry Ace Day .Our last MAD days subject was spelling fun ! We started the day with an adjective walk then when we came back to school and wrote down an adjective on a large piece of paper with our partners. One of the first things we did was mnenonics where we got a tricky word and had to write a poem for it! The other one was when Mrs Lynn read us a story which was fun and relaxing !

by Aimee Shepherd, Caitlin and Laura

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  1. Mad Day 3
    Sorry I couldn’t take part in the activities. I saw the results and they look fantastic. Well done! I’m sure you will get the chance to buy your own products. Save the Children Fund will benefit greatly from your efforts. Thanks to all the mums who took part.
    Mrs Lynn

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