Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face……

The whole school have been celebrating Burns over the last two weeks on the build up to the school Burns Supper. All classes have been singing Scottish songs and learning new Scottish Country dances. All of the children in the school learnt a Scots poem and recited it infront of the school, they all did very well. In addition Primary 7 have been preparing to host the Burns Supper, we are very mush looking forward to an evening of singing, dancing, poetry recitation, and of course haggis!

4 thoughts on “Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face……”

  1. I thought the class did very well and were excellent and gracious hosts. I particularly enjoyed the dancing and look forward to more.
    Well done,
    Mrs Lynn

  2. The dancing was fun at the Burn’s supper. I enjoyed the Gay Gordons the most. (Ariana)

    It was fun at the Burns supper. I liked the Gay Gordons. I enjoyed watching it too. (Emberlee)

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