PTA Assembly

On the 1st October the children of Macmerry had an assembly to thank the PTA for their fab new trim-trail. The 6/7 class had to organise the assembly the press officers Emily and Connor  had to call the news papers to come to the event ,the three house captains Emily, Kristoffer and Caitlin had to present a cheuqe of £10,000 to the the PTA chair person the brilliant banner was made by Keira, Morgan and Rebecca the banner was held up at the end of the special song. Mrs Greenwood changed the lyrics to ‘Thank you for the music ‘to suit our thank you for the trim trail song. The invitation group Macauley, Claire, Rebecka, Emma and Erin made invites to the PTA to come to the assembly. the speakers Lewis, Caitlin, Olivia, holly and Emily spoke through out the assembly. the slide show and audio group Willliam,Caitlin,Cameron,Harry,Kyle and Matthew made a brilliant slide-show and audio to show at the assembly

By Connor and Emily

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