P6/7 – Can you help me prepare for our visit next week?

As you are we have a very important visitor coming to see us. On Monday Iain Gray will be visiting us.

I need you to think of some questions you would like to ask him.

  • Think about what you would like to know about his job.
  • Is there anything you can ask that would help in your role as MMP?
  • Are there any current issues that you would like his opinion on? (remember some of the big questions we have been thinking about in Challenge time).

Please write your questions in as comments, there will be a wee prize for the best question so remember to put your name on it.

Also, here are some website links with activities to keep your brain active
– check out these games on The Scottish Parliament Website.
– Who will be the ‘Snow Mathlete of the Week’ ? Rememeber you can also use Spellodrome on this.

I am looking forward to hearing your questions and seeing you all back in school asap,
Mrs Greenwood 🙂

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  1. Why are the in service days always on a monday not a friday when we have a half day????

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