Victorian School

P6/7 have been learning all about children’s lives in the Victorian Times. To finish our topic we had a Victorian School Afternoon.
We started with registration and prayers, following that we recited a poem about vultures! We then went onto handwriting with pens into our copybooks, taking great care not to blot them! Arithmetic, in the form of table recitation came next.
The children then enjoyed a short playtime in which they played hopscotch, tiddlywinks and jacks.
After playtime came drill, in which they paraded around the football pitch.
The children liked the games, dressing up and writing with pens. They disliked the strict teacher and tables recitation. They thought playtime and learning tables were similar to what we do today but that the classroom layout, lack of technology and registration were very different.

All in all we had a fun time putting ourselves in the shoes of people from the Victorian era.

2 thoughts on “Victorian School”

  1. Dear P6/7
    What a great way to finish off your topic! It looks like you all had fun – but I bet you’re glad school’s not like that everyday!

  2. They are all getting on with their work Cameron was telling me all about it the other day.

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