27 thoughts on “Happy Campers!”

  1. Morning ! I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ve all been up to today. Have fun & enjoy !! Carole & David Paterson

  2. Good Morning Campers ! Glad you all had a great first day. Looking forward to hearing more from you. 🙂

    Ann, Fraser and Jack Thomson

  3. Morning campers! Sounds like you’ve all settled in well! Can’t wait to hear what you get up to today! Have fun! Xx

  4. Hi there, hope you are all having a great time, the weather here is not very good, hope yours is better, keep having fun!!!!!!
    Liz, Bob, Kibi Mackay

    Oh and ofcourse Dudley

  5. Good Afternoon Everyone Glad to hear you all slept well. Hope lunch was good and you are all ready for this afternoon.

  6. Hi everyone, glad you all had a good night. Hope you all have a good day today as well. Have fun and enjoy x

  7. Hope you all had great day, Bet you need your beds not long before it all starts again.

  8. Hi hope your all havin a great time. Watch what you are all doing on that 3G swing. Dougie Smith

  9. We have all had another fun day and are now onto our evening activities. We hope to get some photos on tomorrow so watch this space! Keep on posting your comments as the kids love reading them 🙂

  10. Sounds like you’ve had a fun packed day again !! Can’t wait to see some photos :-). Carole & David Paterson

  11. Sounds like you are all very busy. Can’t wait to see some photos of you all tomorrow.

    I am so Jealous …………….:-)

  12. Hello!
    I hope you are all having a very good time. Looking forward to seeing your photos tomorrow.

    Andrew and Mac (and Lynne and Alastair)

  13. Can’t wait to see the photo’s! Hope all the faces have seen water?

    Caitlin & Kyle’s Grannie

  14. Hello to all I hope you’s are all having a great time down there I wish it was me
    but there again maybe not as im a bit over the hill to be jumping around can’t wait
    to here about it when you come home Morgan
    Love Nana Papa & your wee pal BUSTER xxxx

  15. Great to hear from you. Mrs Baird tells me that it was a bit chilly but that you have already done some archery. Sounds like a great start to the camp. Look after Nevis and hope to see some photos if you get a chance.

  16. Hello campers
    Not quite sure about this blog if I do it right . . Heh ho anyway . .
    Hope you all having great time, enjoying the adventure
    Look forward to seeing photos and hearing all the stories
    Have fun all
    The lyall family

  17. Goodnight Campers! Looking forward to seeing some pics of you all in action, if you get a chance to upload them. x

  18. hi everyone sounds like you are all having a blast!…hope the weather keeps good, take lots of nice photos to paint when you come home… bex harveys moved into your bed… whoops!!!
    take care x

  19. its lewis here
    hope your enjoying your days at camp

    i hope you have made lots of new friends
    see ya
    lewis 🙂

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