P3/4 and The Coriolis Effect

P3/4 and The Coriolis Effect
The question:
When gravity pulls water downwards it will always spin in the same direction. True or false?
The answer:
It depends on where you are in the world. Water spins clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere. If you are on the equator line it does not spin in any direction.
This afternoon P3/4 developed their own theory, designed an experiment, predicted the result and used their experiment to test their theory. They evaluated the ‘fairness’ of their experiments and results.
We remembered that it is important to test one thing at a time!
After a discussion about our experiments we decided to use the same method. We found that water will always spin clockwise in Macmerry – no matter what we put the water into. One test was faulty and we are going to find out the reason why.
All pupils in P3/4 have been asked to carry out some research on ‘The Coriolis Effect’.P3/4 and The Coriolis Effect on PhotoPeach

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