P2/3’s Challenge Week

P2/3 have had a very busy week using their skills in their Science challenges this week. On Monday afternoon we used our understanding skills when we walked around Macmerry to identify how renewable energy is used in the new houses. We discovered that it isn’t widely used and discussed the reasons for this. Thank-you to the parents who kindly helped with this.

 On Tuesday we used our analysing skills to compare and contrast renewable energy and fossil fuels.

Our final challenge on Wednesday involved our creating skills to design a vehicle of the future which can travel on water and ice, and is powered by a renewable source of energy. We decided we’re going to keep hold of our designs incase global warming gets really bad in the future and our designs will be needed.

As you can see P2/3 have had a very busy but enjoyable week using a range of skills in Science. I hope you all have a lovely holiday ready to develop more skills in the summer term. 🙂