P2/3’s Eco and Health Weeks

P2/3 have been very busy in their first two weeks back at school, focusing on Eco and Health.

 As part of our mini Eco topic we looked at what happened to rubbish and how we can cut down on the amount of waste going to landfills by reducing, reusing and recycling. We made posters to encourage people to so this. We also investigated food waste Рwhy people bin food, the process involved in food making which is also wasted, and we weighed the amount of food that was binned at Macmerry over three lunchtimes.

For our Health work we took part in a Get Going session, a tai-kwondo taster session and had a visit from Gwen Harkness, the road safety officer, to discuss safety when in the car, out walking and cycling bikes. On Thursday we made snack of melon and pineapple for the whole school to enjoy. Today we also took part in a whole school street dance session where cries of ‘This is fun’ and ‘Miss Wilson you’re not doing it quite right’ could be heard coming from the pupils.

Have a look at all our fun experiences:
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  1. Waow-what a busy week! Your melon and pineapple boats were delicious and you all worked so hard at your fitness too! Well done.

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