Lunch Waste Reduced!

At the beginning of the term P2/3 weighed the lunch waste over 3 consecutive days. We were shocked to find 47kg (the equivalent of 2 and a quarter P2s) of food was binned.
After the new band scheme was introduced we wondered if this would help cut the amount of food binned. So on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week we weighed the food again. We found the total amount of food binned was 37kg – the same weight as 1 and 3quarters P2s.
P2/3 worked out that this is a reduction of 10kg in the amount of food being wasted at lunchtime.

One thought on “Lunch Waste Reduced!”

  1. Well done P2/3. Great to see that the food waste at lunch has been reduced. Our new Munch Your Lunch bands scheme seems to be working well. We get to choose our own lunch and order it directly from the cook each day-what a service and we are saving food! Let’s keep up our eco efforts!

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