Magnets in P2/3

P2/3 have been learning about magnets over the past few weeks. They are really enjoying their learning as you will see in the photos.

Comments from pupils will be added as soon as I have taught them how to blog. Hoping for these next week at the earliest so please look out for them!!!!

Do magnets work through different materials? on PhotoPeach

5 thoughts on “Magnets in P2/3”

  1. Your experiments look really exciting and fun. What a great way to find out if magnets work through different materials! I am off to try my fridge magnets. Well done P2/3 and Mrs Blair.

  2. Oh thanks so much Mrs Lyall for spending some time to visit our blog. Lots more learning to be published soon.

    Mrs Blair

  3. Calvin – I enjoyed watching the video about magnets. The shavings of iron placed onto the paper with the magnets under it were interesting.

    Charles – Magnets have a north and a south. It was cool learning the words repulsion and attraction.

    Sean – I really enjoyed using the magnets on lots of different materials.

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