P7: Explore, Discover, Survive!

P7 have been getting outdoors this week with 3 days of outdoor exploration, discovery and survival!  On Tuesday we were hill walking at Hope Reservoir.  We learned how to find North using the sun and the knobbly bit on our wrists, how to use a compass, read a map and estimate distance by counting our footsteps and dropping stones every 100m (about 65 double steps!).  On Wednesday we canoed on the Tyne where we tested the river water with litmus paper to check the ph level and see how acidic or basic it was.  We looked under rocks and found living creatures and we also recovered dangerous fishing hooks from the river to help protect the wildlife.  While orienteering in Neilson Park, we learned how to set the map and navigate our way to various controls set up around the park.  This all got a bit competitive!  Thursday was our most challenging day when we walked the gorge at Spott.  Photos still to come for that trip, but there are hopefully some great shots of us emering from dark, wet pipes! We got very wet, a bit cold and some had soggy sandwiches…..but we survived and all agree that it was the BEST DAY EVER!  Many thanks to Mrs Hogg for helping and to the fantastic team of outdoor specialists who made these such memorable days for everyone involved.  20140916_130504_resized20140916_123719_resized 20140916_133650_resized 20140917_094557_resized 20140917_094619_resized 20140917_100042_resized 20140917_102727_resized 20140917_105758_resized 20140917_105804_resized 20140917_141052_resized 20140917_141104_resized 20140917_141130_resized



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  1. We did miss you P7 but what a great three days you have had. Sounds so exciting, you have really challenged yourselves and learned lots of really important skills. I am sure you will all be thanking your team and Mrs H and Mrs G.

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