P7 are Forensic Scientists!

P7 chose forensic science for a short pupil choice topic.  Today they used a method that real forensic scientists use to separate and analyse chemical substances called chromatography.  They had to decide who shot Mr Burns (Simpsons!) by analysing the dyes in various black marker pens and comparing them with the original note found at the crime scene.  P7 worked out that Homer was guilty!  Look at the photos of  these forensic scientists at work and see their chromatograms!





One thought on “P7 are Forensic Scientists!”

  1. Well done P7- there is no pulling the wool over your eyes! What is next?
    Can I also say thank you for being so welcoming and helpful this week- you have made my return to Macmerry much easier. I am looking forward to working with you this term.
    Mrs Lynn

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